Student Social Responsibility Committee

Student Social Responsibility Committee

The aim of Social Responsibility is not charity – It is Upliftment!
In a world where profits are the ultimate aim, it is important that as a society we also contribute to the overall development of all the sections. With this view in mind, the Student Social Responsibility Committee of SIMSREE makes efforts to ensure that the students while pursuing their MBA are also aware of social issues and conscious towards their duty in creating a better society. Many activities are undertaken to ensure we support the less privileged sections of our society, contribute in environmental sustainability, increase awareness and provide solutions to various social issues.
Some of the activities performed by the Committee for the year include –

2019 marked the first year of the flagship initiative Mrudgandha with the theme of ‘Attaining Equalities’. A total of 4 events were organized as a part of the same.

• DRISHTIKON: A social conclave encompassing esteemed corporate professionals, social activists and CSR heads who have significantly contributed towards the cause of equality. Mrs. Parul Kumtha – Principal Architect, Nature Nurture Architecture and President, Forum for Autism, Mr. Prakash Reddy- Editor-in- chief and CEO at Corporate Social Focus- A CSR Magazine, Mr. Sahil Nayar – Associate Director, Human Resources, KPMG, Mr. R. Kannan- Head, Corporate Performance Management, Hinduja Group and Mrs. Madhu Sajnani- Public Relations Officer, SPJ Sadhana School graced the occasion as a part of the panel.
• SAMYAK: A national-level case study competition intended to provide the NGO partner TEACH (Training & Education Centre for Hearing Impaired), a solution that will assist them to proliferate their reach and deepen their efforts in attaining educational equality. The competition received numerous entries across India and was judged by the founder members of TEACH and Mr. Rohan Potdar.
• PRATIBIMB: A photography competition inviting renowned and amateur photographers to interpret the theme judged by Shri Pramod Kamble.
• URJAA: Constituted of live performances to create awareness. Diverse acts were performed by renowned artists like Mr. Nadeem Raj, Mrs.Mehak Mirza Prabhu, Ms.Helly Shah and Mr. Krishna Iyer to extend the effort in raising awareness through MRUDGANDHA.

ENACTUS is an international non-profit organization dedicated to creating a better world while developing the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders and social innovators. The SSR team came up with the idea of making edible spoons which will have a dual impact of reducing plastic waste and providing a means of livelihood to women from economically weak backgrounds. The SSR Team has been selected as one of the 20 teams from India to receive the Business Ethics Grant 2019 for this idea.

The Student Social Responsibility Committee in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital organizes a blood donation drive every year at the SIMSREE campus. 2019 marked the 8th year of successful collaboration with Tata Hospital.

NGO mentoring session- AAKAAR is organized every year in association with CII IWN (Confederation of Indian Industries- Indian Women Network). CII invites NGOs involved in making products like handicrafts, imitation jewellery, kurtis, etc. on our campus who interact with students to gain insights on product development and better marketing and financial planning. The sessions culminate with Diwali Melas organized by CII IWN.
CII IWN WomeNation Summit- Every year, the SSR team attends and helps with on-day execution of the CII IWN WomeNation summit which has panel discussions and powerful talks by leading female entrepreneurs, CEOs, social activists and reformers.

The SSR Committee organizes MUNIJAN, which is a Mumbai University initiative, every year along with other leading MBA institutes of Mumbai. The theme for MUNIJAN 2019 was ‘Social Equality and Inclusiveness’.

Lakshya is an initiative started in June 2015 with the vision to support the ‘Education for All’ initiative. Under this initiative, kids of ‘SPARC’ night shelter are taught by SIMSREE Students. The kids have different levels of education and are in the age group of 8 to 16 years.

Visit to Children’s Home- The SSR Committee visited Ankur Bal Vikas Kendra, a children’s home in Titwala and donated the money which had been collectively raised by the batch of 2018-20. Ankur Bal Vikas Kendra is doing a wonderful job by giving the children access to education and a healthy environment to grow up in.


Date: January 7th, 2024

Location: Auditorium, SIMSREE, Mumbai

Organized By: SSR Committee in collaboration with Ms. Kashish Makhijani


The Student Social Responsibility Committee, committed to fostering social and environmental consciousness, recently organized an Art of Yoga session in collaboration with Ms. Kashish Makhijani.

As a certified yoga instructor by the Ayush Ministry, a posture alignment specialist, and an Art of Living facilitator, Ms. Makhijani brought a wealth of expertise to the event. Held on January 7th, the session aimed to provide relaxation to students and promote a healthy lifestyle, particularly amid of the sedentary lifestyle prevalent today.The event’s primary motive was to raise awareness about healthy habits, encourage daily fitness, and actively contribute to the well-being of our college community. This initiative stands as a testament to the committee’s dedication to instilling a sense of responsibility and mindfulness among the student body.

Event Details:

The SSR Committee members arrived at 7:30 am, and all participants reached the desired location by 7:45 am. Our trainer, Ms. Kashish Makhijani, arrived by 8 am. After introducing her to the batch, she commenced the session with a prayer and initiated stretching exercises. She taught us desk exercises, both standing and sitting, aiming to help students alleviate their sedentary lifestyle and prepare them for future practices. The session also incorporated Pranayama, such as bhastrika, followed by meditation to assist students in relieving stress. Ms. Makhijani provided insights into mental health well-being and guided students on adopting a healthy lifestyle. The session concluded with breathing exercises and numerous insights from the trainer. A vote of thanks marked the end of the session, accompanied by a smiling photo with the entire batch.


Approximately 34 enthusiastic students actively engaged in the session, wholeheartedly participating in a diverse range of activities, including asanas, breathing exercises, meditation, and stretching exercises. These practices not only provided a refreshing break from their regular routines but also proved effective in relieving stress and instilling a sense of calmness in both mind and body. The evident smiles on their faces served as a testament to the success of the event, sparking encouragement to organize more initiatives that contribute to students’ relaxation and energized well-being.


The SSR Committee’s early start and meticulous planning ensured a productive and enlightening Art of Yoga session led by Ms. Kashish Makhijani. The integration of various exercises, including desk exercises, pranayama, and meditation, not only aimed at combating sedentary habits but also fostered mental well-being among the students. Ms. Makhijani’s expertise and insights into a healthy lifestyle left a lasting impact, creating a positive and holistic experience for all participants, as evidenced by the grateful acknowledgment in the form of a vote of thanks and a joyful group photo.

Date:December 26th, 2023

Location: Kamla Mehta School of The Blind, Dadar, Mumbai

Organized By: SSR Committee in association with the Kamla Mehta School of The Blind, Dadar, Mumbai.

The Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee is dedicated to instilling a sense of social and environmental responsibility among the students. Our college’s SSR committee organized a visit to Kamla Mehta School of Blind, Mumbai, to celebrate Christmas and spread joy. In a spirit of collaboration, we joined forces with our batchmates and received generous support from staff and faculty. Together, we embarked on a mission to bring happiness by donating essentials, food items, and other necessities for the girls. This report stands as a testament to the remarkable impact achievable when individuals and communities unite with a common purpose—the precious gift of spreading smiles and enhancing lives.

Event Details:
The visit was organized at the Kamla Mehta School of Blind in Dadar, Mumbai. The SSR Committee arrived at 7:45 am. After interacting with the caretakers and supporting staff at the school, we initiated the event with a Christmas song. Introducing ourselves and providing information about our committee to the girls, we also took the opportunity to learn more about them through individual introductions. Following a brief overview of the event flow, we commenced the activities with the first game, “Chinese Whisper.” Dividing the girls into three groups of six, we passed a sentence through the participants, emphasizing both Hindi and English rounds. The second game involved a number game, and those eliminated had to speak on a given topic in an extempore format for 30 seconds, earning a chocolate as a reward. The third game was a general knowledge quiz, with correct answers earning participants chocolates. After these engaging sessions, we celebrated Christmas with cake cutting, wafers, and chocolates, concluding the session with talks, laughter, and memorable photo sessions. We contributed 30 kilograms of Lokwan wheat, 30 kilograms of Vada Kolam rice,10 kilograms of washing powder, and 15 liters of cooking oil as part of our donation.

During this visit, approximately 25 girls actively participated in the activities. Staff, faculty members, and a few parents were also present during the celebration. The girls enthusiastically took part in all the activities, reflecting the commitment of our committee. This initiative underscores the importance of events like these in spreading joy and making meaningful contributions to society and those in need.

The Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee’s visit to Kamla Mehta School of Blind in Mumbai was a resounding success, symbolizing the commitment to instill social and environmental responsibility among students. Through collaborative efforts with batchmates, staff, and faculty, we created a memorable Christmas celebration filled with joy and meaningful activities. The donation of essential items further demonstrated our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those in need. The enthusiastic participation of around 25 girls and the presence of staff, faculty, and parents highlighted the communal spirit and the importance of such initiatives. This event stands as a testament to the powerful outcomes that can be achieved when individuals and communities unite for a common purpose—to spread smiles and enhance lives.

Date:October 21st, 2023

Location: Seminar Hall, 3rd floor, SIMSREE, Mumbai

Organized By: SSR Committee in collaboration with the NSS unit of Sydenham College and in association with the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai sponsored by HDFC Bank Ltd. Fort Branch.


The Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee is committed to fostering a sense of social and environmental responsibility among the students. The SSR committee of our college, in collaboration with the NSS unit of Sydenham College organized a Blood Donation Drive. Guided by the spirit of collaboration, we joined hands with the Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and received generous support from HDFC Bank Ltd.Together, we embarked on a mission to save lives and champion the noble cause of blood donation. This report serves as a testament to the remarkable impact that can be achieved when individuals, organizations and communities unite with a common purpose – the precious gift of life.

Event Details:

The blood donation drive was organized at the Seminar Hall, 3rd floor, SIMSREE, Mumbai. The team of doctors and helping staff from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai arrived at 8:45 am. The inaugural Ceremony took place at 9.30 am with a ribbon cutting and lamp lighting. Our director Dr. Shriniwas Dhure sir enlightened us with his words of inspiration. We were accompanied by Mr. Harmit Kalra, Deputy Vice President of HDFC, Mumbai and Mr. Vijay Mhamunkar – Senior Manager of HDFC, Fort Branch. We were addressed by Mr. Sagar Kotkar Sir, Professor in charge of the NSS unit. Our Chairpersons and General Secretaries encouraged us to get started with the big activity ahead. After this ceremony, the registration process for the donors started. Donors were given certificates immediately after donation. They were given banana, tea, coffee and biscuits as a healthy refreshment for the recovery. As a token of appreciation, HDFC Bank gave Diary, Pen and certificate to donors. We arranged breakfast, lunch and snacks for the doctors, helping staff and HDFC representatives.


During the Blood Donation Drive, we received an overwhelming response with 110 individuals registering their willingness to contribute to this life-saving cause. Among these dedicated volunteers, 78 donors completed the donation process. Donors included students, faculty members, helping staff etc. We observed participation not only from the college but also from outside the campus by spreading awareness. This impressive turnout not only showcases the enthusiasm and commitment of our community but also underscores the importance of events like these in replenishing our blood banks and potentially saving numerous lives in the process.


The Blood Donation Drive, a collaborative effort by the SSR committee of SIMSREE, the NSS unit of Sydenham College, Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai and the generous sponsorship of HDFC Bank Ltd. has marked a significant milestone in our journey of community service. With 78 successful donors from 110 registrations, this event exemplifies the strength of unity and shared purpose in addressing a vital need. It not only replenished our local blood banks but also ignited a sense of compassion within our community. This achievement underscores our ongoing commitment to saving lives and fostering a positive impact. Looking ahead, we are inspired to continue these initiatives, building on our relationships with partners, sponsors, and volunteers and extending our influence on the health and well-being of our community.

Date:October 1st, 2023

Location: Girgaon Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai

Organized By: Swachta hi Seva Campaign in Association with Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)


The Student Social Responsibility Committee (SSR) is committed to fostering a sense of social and environmental responsibility among the student body. As part of our ongoing efforts, we along with the junior batch actively participated in a beach clean-up drive organized by the Swachhta hi Seva Campaign in collaboration with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) on October 1, 2023, at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach, Mumbai.


The SSR played a significant role in mobilizing students for this event, and we are proud to report that our efforts were met with enthusiastic participation from the junior MMS batch of SIMSREE.Approximately 65 students, accompanied by SSR Committee members, dedicated their time and energy to make this clean-up drive a success. Our Director, Dr. Shriniwas Dhure and other faculty also signified the importance of this mission to the batch and commenced our drive starting from the college campus itself.

On-site Activitie

Beach Cleaning: SSR volunteers were assigned to different teams and equipped with the necessary tools such as gloves, trash bags, and litter pickers. They meticulously combed the beach, collecting a significant amount of waste.
Awareness: During the beach clean-up drive, the SSR committee effectively conveyed the importance of environmental sustainability to the participants, emphasizing how small individual actions can collectively lead to a significant positive impact on our planet. They highlighted the vital role each person plays in preserving the environment for future generations through responsible and mindful choices.


The participation of the Student Social Responsibility Committee (SSR) in the beach clean-up drive at Girgaon Chowpatty Beach was a resounding success. We believe that such initiatives not only contribute to cleaner and healthier environments but also instill a sense of responsibility and community involvement among students.
We express our gratitude to all the volunteers, and participants who dedicated their time and effort to make this event meaningful. We also extend our thanks to the Swachhta hi Seva Campaign and the BMC for providing us with the opportunity to participate in this noble cause.
We are confident that our involvement in such activities will continue to foster a spirit of social and environmental responsibility among our student body. We look forward to more such initiatives in the future.


Student Social Responsibility Committee (SIMSREE, Mumbai)

Mrudgandha 2024 Celebrates Cultural Synergy at SIMSREE, Mumbai

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE)’s Student Social Responsibility (SSR) Committee successfully hosted its flagship event, ‘Mrudgandha 2024’, on February 10th, 2024. With the theme “Synergies of Sanskriti,” the event aimed to explore the harmonious coexistence of traditional values and contemporary societal changes.

Comprising four sub-events, Mrudgandha offered a diverse platform for participants to engage with various facets of cultural integration and preservation.

The highlight of the event, ‘Samyak’, brought together participants for a social case study competition. Focused on the integration of Ayurveda into mainstream healthcare, this competition challenged participants to devise innovative solutions to contemporary health issues rooted in traditional knowledge systems.

Another captivating event was ‘Pratibimb’, a photography competition that celebrated the diversity of cultures through the lens of talented photographers. Participants showcased their skills in capturing the intricacies of various cultures, highlighting the beauty and richness of heritage.

‘Drishtikon’ provided a platform for dialogue and discourse with a panel discussion on “Embracing Change while Preserving Cultural Identity.” Experts shared their insights and perspectives on navigating the complexities of modernity while staying rooted in cultural heritage.

Adding a vibrant touch to the event, ‘Urjaa’ showcased cultural entertainment featuring a range of performances. From the energetic beats of Dhol Pathak performed by Baji Dhol-Tasha Pathak to the mesmerizing classical dance of Bharatnatyam by Mrs. Meenakshi Srivastava and the soulful melodies of a musical Qawwali night by Sufi singer Imran Warsi, attendees were treated to a sensory feast celebrating the diversity of Indian culture.

One of the most memorable performances of the evening was the traditional sport of Mallakhamb, which was performed by differently-abled athletes of Udaan Entertainment Group. Mallakhamb, a centuries-old Indian sport that combines gymnastics, yoga, and wrestling, enthralled the audience with its display of strength, agility, and grace.

In addition to these enriching activities, Mrudgandha also offered a variety of fun-filled engagements for attendees, including pottery lessons, cultural quizzes, and an exhilarating open stage for performances. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), a prominent leader in the energy sector, graciously served as an associate sponsor playing a pivotal role in the success of the event. The organizers extend their sincere gratitude to BPCL for their unwavering support.

Mrudgandha 2024 served as a testament to the importance of fostering cultural exchange and appreciation, transcending boundaries and promoting unity in diversity. The event not only provided a platform for dialogue and celebration but also inspired participants to embrace the richness of their cultural heritage while embracing the winds of change.

The success of Mrudgandha 2024 underscores SIMSREE’s commitment to nurturing a vibrant and inclusive campus community, where cultural diversity is celebrated and cherished.

In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983.