Corporate Relations Committee

Corporate Relations Committee

Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) acts an interface between the SIMSREE academia and the corporate world. By facilitating the interaction between the students and industry leaders, CRC helps in broadening the horizon of students while simultaneously keeping them abreast of the challenges and opportunities in the corporate world.

CRC conducts multiple corporate events, conclaves and corporate connect sessions through which the students of SIMSREE get a chance to interact with eminent personalities of the corporate world.

CRC has also helped the students at SIMSREE engage with the think tanks of the government by inviting senior bureaucrats and personalities from the public service on campus.

The annual flagship event of CRC is SIM’ergence, organized in association with Bombay Stock Exchange, where eminent personalities from different areas of the industry share their views and insights on recent trends and challenges in the corporate world.

Another annual event conducted by CRC is the HR Conclave where eminent HR leaders and corporates from around the country are invited for a panel discussion on relevant issues faced by the industry. This conclave provides the students with an excellent platform for gathering insightful learnings and engaging with leaders who define the trends in the field of Human Resource.

Along with the conclave, CRC also invites industry leaders for guest lectures at SIMSREE campus to share their experiences, success stories, journeys and achievements with the students which helps prepare them for the challenges of corporate life ahead.

In addition to the corporate interactions, CRC also organises ‘Mindz’, a simulation based competition in association with JLT. The competition helps students understand the insurance sector well and gives an exposure into the different roles of the insurance sector.

The Corporate Relations Committee builds associations between the institute and different industry and non-industry associations. One such association was with Jagriti Yatra.

Through all such interactions, CRC ensures a continuous engagement between the corporate world and the institute.


Corporate Relations, SIMSREE, is elated to share the resounding success of SIM’ergence ’24, our flagship corporate event held on March 13th, 2024, at Mumbai’s iconic World Trade Centre. The event, themed “India’s Economic Growth: A Testament to Growing Prowess” provided a platform for insightful discourse and strategic exchange, marking a milestone in the realm of corporate gatherings.
One of the event’s highlights comprised two engaging panel discussions that garnered attention and applause from attendees. The first panel, titled “India’s Leadership in Charting Economic Trajectory” showcased a distinguished lineup of industry experts. Moderated by Mr. Jayaprakash Rajangam, the panel featured esteemed speakers including Mr. CA Chetan Borkar, Ms. Rajani Sinha, Mr. Rajeev P Pawar, and Ms. Vaisshali Babu. Delving into critical topics such as the evolving economy, consumerism’s role in growth, and emerging market dynamics, the discussion offered profound insights. Historical economic principles were revisited, enriching the conversation and illuminating India’s potential as a global trendsetter in technology and finance.

Equally compelling was the second panel, “Geopolitical Resilience and Sustainability Progress: India Leadership Agenda” which explored the intersection of geopolitics, sustainability, and India’s leadership role.Moderated by Mr. Mangesh Sawant, the panel featured industry stalwarts Mr.Kishor Pradhan, Mr.Sambit Roy, and Mr. Vishal Bhavsar. Discussions on the Red Sea crisis, climate change impacts, and trade dynamics underscored the imperative of resilience and sustainability in India’s leadership agenda. ESG factors were spotlighted, with insights shared on logistics management and the evolving landscape of global trade routes. The exchange of invaluable insights and experiences between panelists and attendees underscored the depth of expertise and thought leadership present at SIM’ergence ’24. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our sponsors, the Simarthan Foundation, for their unwavering support, and commend Ms. Jyoti Devjani, Mr. Mangesh Vaitla, and Mr. Vijay Agarwal for their invaluable contributions to amplifying the event’s impact. In closing, we express gratitude to all participants whose presence and contributions made SIM’ergence ’24 a monumental success. Together, we remain steadfast in our mission to inspire and drive forward the dialogue on India’s economic growth and global leadership.

The Corporate Relations Committee at SIMSREE is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the Moot Court competition, a pivotal segment of Simerations ’24, held at the esteemed Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education. This competition saw participants fully engaged in simulated court or arbitration proceedings, where two opposing sides, each represented by two speakers, presented contrasting viewpoints, followed by a concise round of rebuttal or oral argumentation.
The Moot Court provided participants with a firsthand experience of the multifaceted challenges prevalent in the corporate arena, shedding light on the pertinent issues faced by companies in today’s landscape. We believe that this competition has equipped participants with invaluable insights into corporate culture and the intricacies inherent in business operations. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Saifuddin Kapasi Sir for his fair adjudication and invaluable feedback provided to the participants. Additionally, we extend warm congratulations to the outstanding candidates of the competition for their exceptional performance, and commend all participants for their unwavering dedication and diligence.

We express profound gratitude to all stakeholders who played a pivotal role in orchestrating this successful competition, and eagerly anticipate curating additional events that prioritize experiential learning and provide aspiring candidates with invaluable industry exposure.

The Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) had the pleasure of hosting its annual corporate event, HR Conclave’ 23, at SIMSREE on 17th December, 2023. The theme for this year’s conclave was “HR Odyssey – The Champions of Change.” CRC had the privilege of hosting a distinguished panel that included Mr. Chandrajit Pati (Founder, CP HR Advisory, Managing Partner at Kontempore HR Advisory), Ms. Loly Vadassery (CHRO at Datamatics Business Solutions), Mr. Mayukh Maiti (Head HR (Retail Finance Business) at Tata Capital Limited), Mr. Ravindra Saini (Head Talent Management at L&T Defence) and Ms. Suvarna Mishra (HR Director at Pluxee (ex-Sodexo Services)). Also, our esteemed Director Sir, Dr. Shriniwas Dhure, and esteemed HOD of Finance Dr. Sangeeta Pandit Ma’am, encouraged us with their speeches and made us realize the relevance of the theme in today’s world. Mr. Chandrajit Pati, the event’s moderator, skilfully initiated the panel discussion by sharing insightful anecdotes, engaging the audience, and highlighting the pivotal role of HR in organizational dynamics. The panelists eloquently traced HR’s evolution from traditional time-keeping and administrative tasks to becoming a strategic partner crucial for organizational success. Emphasizing HR’s seamless adaptation to change, the discussion showcased how HR professionals now play a key role in implementing technology, orchestrating restructuring, and responding to market shifts.

They emphasized the cultivation of a change-ready culture that empowers employees for effective transformations.
The batch gained insights on a spectrum of topics including HR’s evolving decision-making role, the impact of digital infrastructure, fostering trust and transparency in HR policies, prioritizing employee well-being and comfort, the strategic shift of CHROs, the importance of sales skills, psychological safety, HR’s pattern recognition, and the significance of inclusivity, diversity, and AGILE talent development. CRC extends heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed guests for generously sharing their valuable time and insightful opinions. The resounding success of the panel discussion was evident in the active engagement of the audience, who gained a wealth of knowledge and insights from the distinguished panelists, providing a deeper understanding of the corporate landscape through the lens of HR.

Date: October 28, 2023

The 28th of October marked a momentous occasion as the inauguration ceremony of Jagriti Yatra 2023 unfolded. The event, orchestrated by Jagriti Sewa Sansthan, a non-profit dedicated to Enterprise Led Development in Middle India, celebrated a decade of transformative service. The Corporate Relations Committee, in collaboration with enthusiastic SIMSREE students, stood at the forefront, passionately contributing as volunteers to the launch proceedings. Jagriti Yatra, an enlightening 14-day, 8000 km national journey, is a unique initiative that brings together ambitious youth from around the globe. This extraordinary expedition provides a platform for interaction with inspirational role models, spanning both social and business entrepreneurship. What sets this year apart is the Yatra’s collaboration with the G20 event, drawing the participation of international delegates and elevating the impact on a global scale. The Corporate Relations Committee at SIMSREE, alongside dedicated students, actively engaged in ensuring the success of the Jagriti Yatra 2023. As ambassadors of change, they played a pivotal role in coordinating the registration process for over 500 participants.

Their unwavering commitment and essential support were instrumental in the seamless launch of the event. One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for SIMSREE students to actively interact with influential figures who are shaping India’s entrepreneurship landscape. From seasoned entrepreneurs to social innovators, the students gleaned insights and perspectives that promise to shape their understanding of business and social development.
This year’s collaboration with the G20 event not only added a global dimension to Jagriti Yatra but also broadened the horizons for participants. The presence of international delegates served as a testament to the program’s growing significance on the global stage. It opened avenues for cross-cultural dialogue, fostering an environment where ideas and experiences seamlessly transcended borders. The participation of SIMSREE students in Jagriti Yatra 2023 was more than just an event; it was a commitment to empowerment and societal transformation. By actively contributing to the logistics and coordination of the Yatra, these students demonstrated the spirit of service and the potential for positive change that resides within the youth.
As we reflect on the inauguration ceremony of Jagriti Yatra 2023, we recognize the pivotal role played by the Corporate Relations Committee and the dynamic students of SIMSREE. Their dedication and proactive involvement not only ensured the success of the event but also underscored the commitment of the college to fostering a spirit of service and social responsibility. Jagriti Yatra continues to be a beacon of inspiration, bringing together individuals with a shared passion for change. The collaboration with the G20 has elevated its impact, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in shaping a better future. As we celebrate a decade of transformative service, we look forward to witnessing the lasting impact that this year’s Yatra will undoubtedly have on the trajectory of entrepreneurship and social development in India and beyond.

Title – SIMSREE call on prestigious corporate personality

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) hosted interactive sessions with corporate personalities at its campus in Churchgate, Mumbai, on September 03, 2023, as part of the induction programme. The Corporate Relations Committee at SIMSREE systematically orchestrates these interactive sessions with esteemed corporate entities throughout the academic year. The primary objective is to instill entrepreneurial skills and attitudes among students, providing them with valuable insights into the dynamics of the corporate world. During the induction programme, the Corporate Relations Committee had the honor of inviting distinguished guests, namely, Ms. Nina Lekhi, Managing Director and Chief Design Curator of Baggit, and Mr. Ajay Singh, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Hindustan Platinum. Both speakers, with their extensive experience and unique perspectives, delivered inspirational thoughts that resonated deeply with the student body.

In order to become strategic partners who are essential to the success of an organization, the speakers shed light on the transformative journey that occurs in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, going beyond routine operational chores and timekeeping. The necessity of process reorganization, seamless technological integration, and flexibility in response to market changes was emphasized. It was said that entrepreneurs ushered in a new In order to become strategic partners who are essential to the success of an organization, the panelists shed light on the transformative journey that occurs in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, going beyond routine operational chores and timekeeping.
The necessity of process reorganization, seamless technological integration, and flexibility in response to market changes was emphasized as crucial for entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment.The speakers emphasized that entrepreneurs play a key role in driving innovation and adapting to market shifts, requiring them to constantly reorganize their processes, integrate new technologies seamlessly, and remain flexible in their approach. By doing so, entrepreneurs can become strategic partners who contribute to the overall success and growth of an organization.asised. It was said that entrepreneurs ushered in a new era in India’s commercial sector by acting as agents of change. This year’s batch expressed gratitude beyond words for the chance to have such prestigious entities visit their campus. By means of these interactive sessions, pupils acquired significant understanding regarding sustainable advancement, critical thinking abilities, business acumen, contemporary technology, and transformations in the elementary, secondary, and university domains. Together, the broad knowledge and skill set gained offered an open view of the corporate environment and new business trends. The Corporate Relations Committee extends sincere gratitude to the esteemed guests for their valuable time and insightful opinions, deeming the interactive session a resounding success. The engaged audience departed with a wealth of knowledge and a heightened understanding of the corporate realm, particularly from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Such interactive sessions not only disseminate valuable insights but also serve as a source of motivation, guiding students towards a brighter future.

In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983.