Course Co-ordinators

Course Co-ordinators

Sydenham Institute of ManagementStudies Research and Entrepreneurship Education, popularly known as SIMSREE is a management institute of its kind. In its more than three decades of existence, the institute has empowered and enriched its students by allowing them to drive the college on their own. Such are the situations when we learn to lead and take responsibility of what we do. The Course Co-ordinators or CC’s as we are known, form the backbone of the institute’s daily operation. We are the face of the batch and are elected representatives of the institution to the world outside.

Key roles of a CC include on-boarding new faculties, scheduling academic lectures, co-ordinating between students and professors and maintainingthe existing infrastructure. We looks after the daily attendance of the entire batch and makes sure all the students maintain a proper attendance record. Not only this but also once the faculty is on campus, we ensure the batch is attentive and respectful towards the faculty and all the pre-requisites of the visiting faculties are taken care of.

We need to be efficient in time management, need to think on our feet, and need to have good communication skills. Not to forget that a CC has to be a tough taskmaster yet approachable and a diligent problem solver of his or her batch mates. So far, all the people on this position have done an amazing job and have done it with the good wishes of all our batch mates and the admin staff. Every year, the faces change, but the responsibilities and the contribution of a course co-ordinator remains the same.

It’s indeed a position of grit, value and collective responsibility and only a CC with a passion to serve his batch mates and a strong sense of affiliation towards the institute shall survive and emerge as a better leader for tomorrow.

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In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983.