Marketing and Media Committee

Marketing and Media Committee

Marketing and Media Committee (MMC) is the central point for all communication, media and public relations for SIMSREE.

MMC advances information and communications related to the institution’s mission of excellence in teaching, learning, and research through a variety of managed channels and other means including the revamped SIMSREE website, its Social Media Handles, and Markos, which is the in-house Marketing Forum.

To put things into perspective, MMC is authorized to manage all Earned (Public Relations, Journals, Rankings), Owned (Website, Official Content, Social Media, Blog) and Paid media (Strategic Partnerships, Sponsors) for the institution.

MMC also takes pride and credit in the advent of Markos, which is SIMSREE’s in house Marketing Forum. Markos takes care of all the grooming requirements that an MBA student needs for a successful career in the dynamic world of Marketing. This is done through hosting Guest Lectures, Marketing Competitions, Workshops and publishing Newsletters.

MMC also oversees the intricate process of admissions, answers to doubts of MBA aspirants (Pagalguy, Shiksha, E-mails) and is the pivotal point of communication for any external doubts.

Marketing and Media Committee is one of the vital cogs that contributes in ways far greater and more important, that it has evolved into being one of the most celebrated committees of SIMSREE.


Sonesh Prakash (Moderator) – CEO – CMO Outsourced

Vishesh Sharma – CMO – Bajaj Broking

Vishesh SharmaRohit Onkar – Chief Growth Officer – TradeSmart

Sneha Beriwal – Fractional CMO and Marketing Advisor – And Marketing LLP (Ex-VAHDAM, ABG, Dabur)

Geetanjali Chugh Kothari – CMO – Future Generali India Life Insurance

The MarketHear ’24 panel brought together industry leaders to discuss the seismic shifts in marketing strategies catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Expert Panelists delved into accelerated digital transformation, emphasizing vernacular content, multiplatform approaches, and data-driven personalization. The disruption caused by discount brokers in finance was analyzed, as was the need to balance technological innovation with human-centric engagement. Adapting to career transitions and continuous learning were highlighted as imperatives in an ever-evolving landscape where agility, customer-centricity, and leveraging AI/automation are keys to future success.

Digital Transformation in Marketing

“Embracing the digitization of marketing isn’t just about keeping up with the times; it’s about seizing the opportunities it presents to engage, inspire, and connect with audiences in ways never before possible.” – Ann Handley

Digital Marketing Takes Centre Stage

One of the notable developments during the covid-19 was the adoption and development in the digital marketing. As reaching the customer with the traditional methods has become difficult for the business they have to rethink on their ideas. Even the elephant sized businesses were finding themselves in the trouble and the digital marketing was the viable solution for them. Thus, digital market has come to the light of market. According to panelists, the success of digital marketing initiatives underscored the importance of agility and adaptability in navigating uncertain times.

Change in Customer Habits

The panel highlighted how customer habits are transforming- for instance, digital payment methods have been adopted by businesses from tea stalls to malls. However, a main concern is the high cost of digital transformation and competition in the new era. While digital promotion is beneficial, marketing encompasses more than just promotion.Businesses still use traditional approaches for aspects beyond digital ads and sales. Panelists shared challenges from their own experiences while working with limited budgets for digital campaigns to generate productive results.

Budget Allocation and Pricing

During the discussion panel also raised a concern regarding the unplanned allocation of the budget for the digital marketing. Even after achieving the appropriate results digital marketing face issue of lack of budgeting which many times derived in undesired results and can also become cost for the company as may lead to false decision making. The digital transformation of marketing has necessitated a reevaluation of budget allocation and pricing strategies.

The Role of Data Analytics

Data analytics emerged as a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, enabling marketers to glean actionable insights from vast troves of information. Panelists emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making in today’s fast-paced business environment, noting that the ability to harness data effectively is a key differentiator for marketers. However, they also acknowledged the challenges posed by data security concerns, underscoring the need for robust safeguards to protect sensitive information.

Disruption in the Finance Market

Data analytics emerged as a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, enabling marketers to glean actionable insights from vast troves of information. Panelists emphasized the importance of data-driven decision-making in today’s fast-paced business environment, noting that the ability to harness data effectively is a key differentiator for marketers. However, they also acknowledged the challenges posed by data security concerns, underscoring the need for robust safeguards to protect sensitive information. This creates challenge for the business to generate the trust and thereby sales in the field of finance. Also, panel raise ethe concern about use of traditional methods in the finance market.


Overall, the discussion provided insightful perspectives on how digital transformation is radically changing marketing. It was clear businesses must continue adapting to new technologies and data driven decision-making to engage modern consumers and drive growth. On the other hand, traditional ways cannot be fully abolished as still digitization is a challenge in various industries. Attending events like this is invaluable for staying current on the rapid changes in the field

Date: 31st January 2024

Venue: 3rd Floor Auditorium, SIMSREE Campus, Churchgate, Mumbai

Topic: Role of a modern marketer as a catalyst of growth in the organization


The SIMSREE Marketing & Media Committee had the honor of hosting Mr. Vivek Charde, an esteemed industry veteran serving as the Chief Marketing & Experience Officer (CMO & CXO) at Loylty Rewardz, for a guest lecture on the 31st January 2024. With an illustrious career spanning over 19 years in marketing, Mr. Charde brought a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to enlighten the audience


Mr. Charde’s lecture was a comprehensive exploration of various facets of modern marketing, focusing on key elements essential for driving organizational growth. The following points were elaborated upon during the session:

  • Importance of Market and Consumer Research:

    Mr. Charde stressed the foundational role of market and consumer research in informing strategic marketing decisions. He emphasized the need for marketers to delve deep into understanding market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor landscapes to formulate effective marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences

  • Utilizing Data for Successful Campaigns:

    Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Charde presented compelling real-life examples to illustrate how data-driven insights can fuel successful advertising campaigns. He demonstrated how leveraging data analytics tools and techniques enables marketers to optimize targeting, personalize messaging, and measure campaign performance effectively, ultimately driving better outcomes for businesses

  • Practical Insights for Impactful Marketing Initiatives:

    The lecture went beyond theoretical concepts, providing attendees with actionable insights and best practices for executing impactful marketing initiatives. Mr. Charde shared practical tips derived from his hands-on experience, ranging from campaign ideation and execution to performance tracking and optimization, empowering aspiring marketers with tangible strategies for success

  • Exploration of Adtech & Martech Intricacies:

    Mr. Charde delved into the intricate realms of advertising technology (adtech) and marketing technology (martech), shedding light on how modern marketers can leverage technological advancements to their advantage. He discussed the role of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in streamlining marketing processes, enhancing personalization, and driving efficiencies across the marketing ecosystem

  • Role of Data Analytics in Shaping Marketing Strategies:

    A central theme of the lecture was the indispensable role of data analytics in shaping modern marketing strategies. Mr. Charde underscored the importance of leveraging advanced analytics tools and techniques to derive actionable insights from data, enabling marketers to make informed decisions, iterate on campaigns, and drive continuous improvement in marketing performance

Overall, Mr. Vivek Charde’s lecture provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. His expertise, coupled with real-world examples and practical insights, enriched the audience’s understanding of the multifaceted role of marketers in driving organizational growth. The session was highly engaging, informative, and thought-provoking, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field of marketing.
The SIMSREE Marketing & Media Committee extends its sincere appreciation to Mr. Vivek Charde for his invaluable contribution to the event and looks forward to more enriching interactions in the future.

“Markenisium, one of SIMSREE’s marketing competitions conducted by MMC during Simeration, started with a bang. Many students from various MBA colleges participated to challenge their marketing knowledge and skills. This year, Markenisium consisted of three rounds: an MCQ round testing marketing general knowledge (GK), an offline knock-out round, and an advertisement competition called Branding Genius.
In the first round, teams were scored based on their performance in an MCQ round testing marketing GK. The top 12 teams with the highest scores were selected. The second round took place at SIMSREE itself and was a knock-out quiz where teams challenged each other on marketing knowledge, including current affairs, logos/taglines, digital marketing, and pricing strategy. The team’s were tested not only on there marketing knowledge but also their strategic thinking. The second round was not an ordinary round but a whole different level of marketing chess. They had to select the perfect spot on a marketing board that would allow them to challenge and be challenged. Each side of the board represented a marketing topic. Teams were given chances to select their spot based on their rankings in the previous round. They challenged each other in rapid one-on-one marketing battles, trying to knock the other team out of the game and capture their area. Teams that were knocked out were eliminated.

Through multiple challenges and knock-out rounds, four teams made it to the third round, a branding battle. In this round, participants’ marketing, branding, and creative skills were put to the test. The third round was judged by Mrs. Pallavi Mhatre, a seasoned educator and accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in teaching marketing and management. The top four teams presented their products and their marketing and branding strategies. They were judged and scored on various aspects such as strategy, thought process, creativity, etc., and were also subjected to cross-questioning. In the end, the team with the highest score was named the winner of Markenisium ’24.”

In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983.