Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture

SIMSREE provides students with valuable industry exposure through its Guest Lectures program. Throughout the year, corporate leaders and experienced alumni are invited to campus to share their insights and knowledge with students. These guest speakers, experts in their respective fields, offer students a unique perspective on the latest trends and happenings in the corporate world. These lectures are not just informative but also interactive, providing students with the opportunity to engage with industry leaders and gain from their real-world experience. The program also benefits participating companies, allowing them to connect with talented SIMSREE students.

Guest Lecture-MMC

Date: 31st January 2024

Venue: 3rd Floor Auditorium, SIMSREE Campus, Churchgate, Mumbai

Topic: Role of a modern marketer as a catalyst of growth in the organization


The SIMSREE Marketing & Media Committee had the honor of hosting Mr. Vivek Charde, an esteemed industry veteran serving as the Chief Marketing & Experience Officer (CMO & CXO) at Loylty Rewardz, for a guest lecture on the 31st January 2024. With an illustrious career spanning over 19 years in marketing, Mr. Charde brought a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to enlighten the audience


Mr. Charde’s lecture was a comprehensive exploration of various facets of modern marketing, focusing on key elements essential for driving organizational growth. The following points were elaborated upon during the session:

  • Importance of Market and Consumer Research:Mr. Charde stressed the foundational role of market and consumer research in informing strategic marketing decisions. He emphasized the need for marketers to delve deep into understanding market trends, consumer preferences, and competitor landscapes to formulate effective marketing strategies that resonate with target audiences
  • Utilizing Data for Successful Campaigns:Drawing from his extensive experience, Mr. Charde presented compelling real-life examples to illustrate how data-driven insights can fuel successful advertising campaigns. He demonstrated how leveraging data analytics tools and techniques enables marketers to optimize targeting, personalize messaging, and measure campaign performance effectively, ultimately driving better outcomes for businesses
  • Practical Insights for Impactful Marketing Initiatives:The lecture went beyond theoretical concepts, providing attendees with actionable insights and best practices for executing impactful marketing initiatives. Mr. Charde shared practical tips derived from his hands-on experience, ranging from campaign ideation and execution to performance tracking and optimization, empowering aspiring marketers with tangible strategies for success
  • Exploration of Adtech & Martech Intricacies:Mr. Charde delved into the intricate realms of advertising technology (adtech) and marketing technology (martech), shedding light on how modern marketers can leverage technological advancements to their advantage. He discussed the role of automation, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) in streamlining marketing processes, enhancing personalization, and driving efficiencies across the marketing ecosystem
  • Role of Data Analytics in Shaping Marketing Strategies: A central theme of the lecture was the indispensable role of data analytics in shaping modern marketing strategies. Mr. Charde underscored the importance of leveraging advanced analytics tools and techniques to derive actionable insights from data, enabling marketers to make informed decisions, iterate on campaigns, and drive continuous improvement in marketing performance


Overall, Mr. Vivek Charde’s lecture provided a comprehensive and insightful exploration of the dynamic landscape of modern marketing. His expertise, coupled with real-world examples and practical insights, enriched the audience’s understanding of the multifaceted role of marketers in driving organizational growth. The session was highly engaging, informative, and thought-provoking, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable knowledge to excel in the ever-evolving field of marketing.

The SIMSREE Marketing & Media Committee extends its sincere appreciation to Mr. Vivek Charde for his invaluable contribution to the event and looks forward to more enriching interactions in the future.
Guest Lecture CRC

Title – SIMSREE call on prestigious corporate personality

Sydenham Institute of Management Studies Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) hosted interactive sessions with corporate personalities at its campus in Churchgate, Mumbai, on September 03, 2023, as part of the induction programme. The Corporate Relations Committee at SIMSREE systematically orchestrates these interactive sessions with esteemed corporate entities throughout the academic year. The primary objective is to instill entrepreneurial skills and attitudes among students, providing them with valuable insights into the dynamics of the corporate world. During the induction programme, the Corporate Relations Committee had the honor of inviting distinguished guests, namely, Ms. Nina Lekhi, Managing Director and Chief Design Curator of Baggit, and Mr. Ajay Singh, Vice President of Supply Chain Management at Hindustan Platinum. Both speakers, with their extensive experience and unique perspectives, delivered inspirational thoughts that resonated deeply with the student body.

In order to become strategic partners who are essential to the success of an organization, the speakers shed light on the transformative journey that occurs in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, going beyond routine operational chores and timekeeping. The necessity of process reorganization, seamless technological integration, and flexibility in response to market changes was emphasized. It was said that entrepreneurs ushered in a new In order to become strategic partners who are essential to the success of an organization, the panelists shed light on the transformative journey that occurs in both the corporate and entrepreneurial spheres, going beyond routine operational chores and timekeeping. The necessity of process reorganization, seamless technological integration, and flexibility in response to market changes was emphasized as crucial for entrepreneurs to thrive in today’s dynamic business environment. The speakers emphasized that entrepreneurs play a key role in driving innovation and adapting to market shifts, requiring them to constantly reorganize their processes, integrate new technologies seamlessly, and remain flexible in their approach. By doing so, entrepreneurs can become strategic partners who contribute to the overall success and growth of an organization.asised. It was said that entrepreneurs ushered in a new era in India’s commercial sector by acting as agents of change. This year’s batch expressed gratitude beyond words for the chance to have such prestigious entities visit their campus. By means of these interactive sessions, pupils acquired significant understanding regarding sustainable advancement, critical thinking abilities, business acumen, contemporary technology, and transformations in the elementary, secondary, and university domains. Together, the broad knowledge and skill set gained offered an open view of the corporate environment and new business trends. The Corporate Relations Committee extends sincere gratitude to the esteemed guests for their valuable time and insightful opinions, deeming the interactive session a resounding success. The engaged audience departed with a wealth of knowledge and a heightened understanding of the corporate realm, particularly from an entrepreneurial standpoint. Such interactive sessions not only disseminate valuable insights but also serve as a source of motivation, guiding students towards a brighter future.

Guest Lecture-AlCom

Title: Guest Lecture

Organized By: SIMSREE Alumni Committee

Introduction: At Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE), we believe in the power of connection, mentorship, and continuous learning. A distinguishing feature of our academic culture is the Alumni Guest Lecture Series orchestrated by the SIMSREE Alumni Committee. These sessions serve as invaluable platforms where our esteemed alumni generously share their insights, experiences, and expertise with current students, enriching their educational journey and preparing them for the challenges of the professional world

Event Details: The Alumni Guest Lecture Series at SIMSREE brings together a diverse range of speakers who have excelled in various industries and domains. From finance to marketing, entrepreneurship to corporate governance, our alumni represent a wide spectrum of expertise.

These sessions give students practical insights from the real world, shared through stories, case studies, and examples, helping to link what they learn in school with what they’ll encounter in their careers.
Moreover, beyond the classroom, the Alumni Guest Lectures also serve as a networking hub where students can interact with successful professionals. Informal interactions that offer the students the chance to seek guidance, ask questions, and build meaningful connections with industry insiders. These networking opportunities often lead to mentorships.


We are dedicated to ensuring our students have access to the wealth of knowledge and expertise within our alumni network. Through these lectures, our goal is to equip students with the skills, insights, and connections necessary to succeed in a rapidly evolving business world. The Alumni Guest Lectures at SIMSREE reflects our commitment to academic excellence, industry relevance, and alumni involvement. By bridging the gap between academia and industry, these sessions empower our students to become leaders, innovators, and change agents of tomorrow. As we continue this tradition, we encourage our alumni to join us in shaping the future of the students and fostering lifelong connections

International Guest Lecture

The ReCon club organised International Guest lecture by Mr. Vibhor Saxena, product manager at Meta, at the 11th APIC on 2nd March 2024 wherein he joined in live from Zurich , Switzerland connecting to the 200+audience gathered together comprising of researchers, prominent faculties and students digitally on the big screen in SIMSREE auditorium .

Being personally engaged to bring metaverse to life, his lecture, titled “Metaverse: The Internet of Experiences,” provided participants with a thought-provoking glimpse into the future of technology and its potential impact on various aspects of business and society.

A super engaging and interesting doubt session on the future of metaverse in business and its use in research discovering all its possibilities concluded the session.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Amit Madhan
(President and Group Head-IT and Shared Services, Thomas Cook)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Behl
(CEO-Lifestyle Business,Raymond Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajesh Balpande
(Co-Founder, BookMyShow)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Pavan Shetty
(Director, Porsche India)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rohit Verma
(General Manager-IBM Resiliency Services, IBM India Pvt. Ltd.)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Manish Bansal
(CEO, SME Value Advisors)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Shraddha Khare
(General Manager-Prepaid Operations, Idea Cellular)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Padmini Misra
(Chief People Officer & Global Head-HR, Cox & Kings (India) Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Monica Tata
(25 years of experience in Media and Entertainment Industry)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Surya Prakash Mohapatra
(Knowledge and Capability Head, Global Business Services, Hewlett Packard, India)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Nalin Jain
(Director Finance, Volkswagen Group Sales India)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Kiran Khalap
(Co-founder,Chlorophyll Brand Consultancy)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Gaurav Sharma
(General Manager, Digital and Mobility, Omnicom Media Group)

Guest Lecture by Dr. Glen Brodowsky
(California State University, San Marcos, CA, USA, (Ph.D., State University of New York, Buffalo))

Guest Lecture by Mr. Chandrasekaran Ramamurthy
(Chief Reinsurance Strategist, Mahindra Insurance Brokers Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Mahesh Balasubramanian
(Executive Vice-president, Kotak Mahindra Bank)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Gautam Thakker
(CEO, Everymedia Technologies)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Anita Zutshi
(GM Finance-Sales and Customer Development, Hindustan Unilever Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Kabir Ahmed Shakir
(VP, Finance, HPC Division, Hindustan Unilever Limited)

Guest lecture by Mr. V. Sarangpani
(Executive Director, Bombay Management Association)

Guest lecture by Mr. Sandeep Zutshi
(Founder, Ascentaz Consulting Ltd.)

Guest lecture by Mr. Chandrashekhar Bhide
(DGM & Head, mBanking/mPayments, Idea Cellular Ltd)

Guest lecture by Lord Meghnad Desai
(Chairman, Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) Advisory Board)

Guest lecture by Mr. Sachin Khandelwal
(MD, Magma Housing Finance Ltd.)

Guest lecture by Mr. Alroy Lobo
(Chief Strategist and Global Head equities, Kotak Mahindra AMC)

Guest lecture by Mr. Sandeep Mangle
(Manager ,Supply Chain Excellence, BASF India Ltd)

Guest lecture by Mr. Vikas Agnihotri
(Industry Director BFSI and Travel, Google)

Guest lecture by Mr. Jyotsna Singh
(Executive Vice President & Head – Multinational Business, Wholesale Banking, Kotak Mahindra Bank)

Guest lecture by Mr. Ashish Bhasin
(Chairman, India and CEO South East Asia, Aegis Group)

Guest lecture by Mr. Naresh Katara
(Director, Selling Excellence & SFE ,GSK Asia, GSK)

Guest lecture by Mr. Tushar Murdeshwar
(General Manager (Head of Marketing), Johnson & Johnson)

Guest lecture by Mr. Anil Joshi
(President, Mumbai Angels)

Guest lecture by Mr. Harish Hulyalkar
(Director, Mergers & Acquisitions, Citi Investment Banking)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Shrinidhi Nadgauda
(Sr. General Manager, Welspun Global Brands Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Chandel
(CEO, India Bulls Mutual Funds)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjeev Dixit
(People Management and Development Strategy, Chief People Officer, ABD)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajnish Borah
(Head, HR, L & T General Insurance)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sujan Roy
(Head – Marketing Services & Product Planning, Tata Motors)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Niranjan Hiranandani
(Managing Director, Hiranandani Group)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sudhir Khot
(Owner, Kaijing Agro Services Pvt. Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Vasant Sanzgiri
(Group Head HR, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Avinava Banarjee
(Group manager, Business analytics and Strategic Planning, HUL)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Malcom Athaide
(President & Chief Risk Officer: Business Banking, Retail Banking, Agriculture and Inclusive and Social Banking, Yes Bank)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ramesh Mitragotri
(CHRO, Aditya Birla – Chemical Division)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sachin Khandelwal
(CEO and MD, Magma Housing Finance and Chief Sales Officer, Magma Fincorp)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Behl
(CEO, Raymond Ltd.)

Guest Lecture by Mr.Vivek Bhatnagar
(General Manager, Johnson and Johnson Vision Care)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Albert Almeida
(COO, Hungama Mobile)

Guest Lecture by Dr. S. Srinivasan
(Chief Learning Officer, Wockhardt Foundation and Managing Director, Wellness Consultant)

Guest Lecture by Dr. Michelle V. Gee
(Associate Dean, College of Business, Economics and Computing, University of Wisconsin, Parkside – USA)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Amogh Gothoskar
(Founder and Owner, End-to-End Financial Enterprises)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Anil Talreja
(Partner, Deloitte Haskins ans Sells)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sudeep Nair
(Global Head, Business Transformation, Jardine Lloyd Thompson)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Gaurav Sharma
(General Manager, Digital and Mobility, Omnicom Media Group)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajeev Mishra
(Head HR and Administration, AMW Motors Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. B V Rao
(News and Media Director at Reliance Industries Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Colin Mendes
(General Manager and Head Human Resources, Domestic Projects Group at Voltas Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashutosh Zawar
(Co-founder,  Academy of Financial Training(AFT))

Guest Lectureby Mr. Prasad Akerkar
(SAP Practice Head & Learning and Development Department Head, Larsen & Toubro InfoTech Ltd.)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Parimal Sheth
(Director-Investment Banking, J.R. Laddha Financial Services)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Nitin Gokarn
(Vice President, Supply Chain Management, Bharat Serum and Vaccinations)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Ashvin Parekh
(Managing Partner, Ashvin Parekh Advisory Services LLP and Sr. Expert – Advisor, Global Financial Services – Ernst & Young Pvt. Ltd.)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Dheeraj Sinha
(Chief Strategy Officer(CSO), South & South East Asia, Grey Group)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Aditya Srinivas
(COO & Chief Economist, BSE Brokers’ Forum)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Vibhor Gujarati
(Marketing Head (India), Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd.)

Guest Lecture by Ms. Deepti Gadekar
(Marketing Communications Manager, South Asia, DHL Express)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rakesh Vanarse
(Founder & CEO, Brandcepts Advertising & Communications Management Consulting)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Salil Kallianpur
(Commercial Head, Classic Brands and Established Products, GlaxoSmithKline)

Guest lecture by Mr. Gulzar Karim
(Consultant, Deloitte Consulting LLP, USA)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Patrick Bieg
(Masters in Finance, Working with Volkswagen, Germany)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Vaibhav Tembulkar
(Trading Head, Non-food, HyperCITY retail (India) Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Kalyan Prasath
(Sr. Vice President & Head Information Technology, ICICI Prudential AMC Limited)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Subodh Salunke
(Regional Business Head- Mumbai & Vidarbha Region, HDFC Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Jason Gonsalves
(Vice President, Performance Coatings Division, Corporate Planning and IT, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sanjay Deshpande
(Chief Innovation Officer and CEO, Uniken)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Sandeep Mangle
(Manager – Supply Chain Excellence, BASF India Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Rajesh Nair & Ms. Deepali Nair
(Mr. Rajesh Nair, General Manager (Corporate Human Resources), Tata Motors, Heading Talent Acquisition, Employee Engagement and Employer Branding)
(Ms. Deepali Naair, Country Head – Brand & Corporate Communications, L&T General Insurance Company Ltd)

Guest Lecture by Mr. Siddharth Shah
(2012 alumnus of the prestigious IIM-Ahmedabad, talented engineer and a very young entrepreneur)

In keeping with the rich Sydenham tradition of imparting high quality education, the Sydenham Institute of Management Studies, Research and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE) was founded in the year 1983.