Making of a successful event

What all factors contribute in the making of a good event? Let’s have a look from the perspective of a first time event host.
Any event starts with a vague idea which is an amalgamation of thoughts of the team members about what the event should be like. With discussions and brainstorming, this idea is shaped into a ‘problem definition’ (in management terms) with a well defined scope(time, involvement, preparation, participation, etc.)
Though the ‘problem definition’ seems quite complex at first glance, when broken into smaller tasks, everything seems manageable.
One of the most important aspects is to gauge the core competencies of the team members and to distribute the tasks accordingly.
While working on the individual tasks, ensuring coordination among the team members is a must.
During preparation, several internal or external factors could hamper the progress. But, with determination and teamwork, anything can be achieved!!
With an amazing team like the Events Committee and with the support and guidance of the seniors, I would say it is not very difficult to host any event.

Classroom learning program – Case 360

SIMSREE’s Research and consulting Club (RECON) was delighted to conduct a classroom learning program – Case 3600 to deliver the importance of case studies for a B-school student and how to present them effectively. The interactive and thought provoking session conducted by Abhijeet Raut, a senior committee member of RECON and a winner of various case study competitions held at top B Schools(IIM Indore, SIBM, etc. ), inspired the batch to be a part of various case study competitions and differentiate themselves from others by having an edge in decoding case studies.

The session commenced by throwing light on why B-School students should learn through case studies and how do they tackle them. The motive was to make students realize that it is more about how they think, raise questions, make assumptions, areas to prioritize, solution to recommend, and confidence to present rather than arriving at the accurate solution. The session received a commendable response from the batch hence we are looking forward to conduct many more sessions of this fashion which will include a session on solving guesstimates as well.

In the coming October, our team is all geared up to conduct a flagship event, Convergence’18 – A national level case study competition, where the students will get a chance to compete with the best minds from premier institutes all over India. It will provide a platform to them to showcase their skills in front of eminent industrialists. So let us all be a part of it and make it a huge success.

Importance of Marketing

Marketing is the link between a society’s material requirements and its economic patterns of response. It is the process of communicating the value of a product or service to consumers, for the purpose of selling that product or service.

The primary objective of marketing is to provide information about the product and services to the ultimate consumers. The progress of any society, and consequently the country, depends on the standard of living of the people living in that country or society. Marketing has the responsibility of creating, raising and maintaining that standard of living of the society. All of us have the ability to transform the world around us into a better place. All of us get new creative ideas every day. That is not the difficult part. But how do we give life to those ideas? How do we promote our ideas to thousands of people? That is when the difficult part comes in. And that is also when the Art of Marketing comes in!

Today, our country faces a lot of problems of social and economic unrest. Lack of employment is one of the major issues faced by the youth. In such a scenario, it is high time that we create employment opportunities for ourselves. It is in such a time that movements like Make In India become pivotal in shifting our mindset from service based to entrepreneurship. While focusing on entrepreneurship ideas, it is important for us to learn and be adept at the art of marketing our products, services and ideas. A marketer needs to understand the psychology and the needs of the people so as to address them successfully.

Marketing is not only confined to products today. It has become the part and parcel of every individual in all aspects of our life. We are pushing our limits in terms of social, political and economic growth. To bring any problem into the view of the people, we require proper marketing to understand the possible demographic and attack the problems accordingly. It is only because of marketing and media that our society is progressing towards modernized thinking.

Thus, the importance of marketing is that it has made yesterday’s luxury into today’s necessity. Thus, we need to leave the regressive thinking behind us and proceed with open arms into a future of possibilities and hope!

(This article has been written by Shweta Parihar, a first year management student at SIMSREE)

Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

Hats off to course coordinators- Shrija, Harshal & Ninad for so efficiently co ordinating 16 presentations of excellent quality on the subject of Security Analysis and Portfolio Management taught by our HOD Finance Dr. Sangeeta Pandit Mam . They worked with diligence & maturity to ensure good attendance, class participation and learning. Many thanks to Finance Forum students for constantly tutoring students through their magazines, events, messages and bringing clarity to financial concepts and applications. Attached are the ppts, only snippets are attached, for sake of brevity detailed calculations and examples done in the ppts are not included. Summary of 16_student presentations

India and WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement

Headquartered in Geneva, World Trade Organization was established on January 1, 1995. As on August 30, 2014 it has 160 member nations. The reason behind formation of WTO was to minimize the hassle in trade between the different countries around the world. WTO member nations negotiate and try to formulate the agreements which can make trading among the member nations more fruitful.

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Effects of E-commerce on Packaging Industry

The Packaging Industry might not have the glamour attached to it similar to the Retail Industry, but according to Economic Times it is currently valued at Rs 78000cr. Packaging is done for a product to protect it from damage due to external weather conditions, transportation, human errors and also to display important information without having to open the box. That was the sole purpose of packaging until the emergence and growth of e-commerce.

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Economic and Political Setup of the Netherlands

Introduction: The Netherlands is a parliamentary democracy in North-west Europe and has been playing a special role in the European economy for many centuries. The country capital is Amsterdam and the seat of government is The Hague. The Netherlands’ location gives it prime access to markets in the UKand Germany, with the port of Rotterdam being the largest port in Europe.

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