Why Recruit at SIMSREE ?

An institute is governed by the quality of the students it has and the students that come to SIMSREE are crème de la crème. This is stamped by our cut-off, which is upwards of 99.8 percentile and is increasing every year. This means that only the top 0.2% of the candidates make it to SIMSREE. This makes SIMSREE one of the top-ranked colleges, not only in Maharashtra but also by extension, India.

What's the best way to learn? Sure, the answer can be Google. But can Google give 180 different views on a single topic? It can’t. Only 180 different minds can give 180 different ideas. And that's precisely where SIMSREE stands in the forefront with its batch diversity. Our batch has a healthy percentage of Freshers as well as experienced students, with the average experience being 22 months. As a result, students get the best of both the worlds, with peer learning becoming the order of the day.

How do we ensure that students are ready to handle responsibilities they will be entrusted with, in the corporate world? We give them a dry run of it, during their MBA. SIMSREE has a Student-Driven Culture which encourages students to be a part of a bevy of committees to engage themselves in activities which will showcase their inherent skills and whilst enhancing their communication, leadership and other go-to skills that will aid them in the long run and also help them climb the corporate ladder.

Placement Process

The placement process at SIMSREE is a structured, student driven process managed by the Placement Committee (a student body) under the guidance and supervision of the director. It has been lauded unanimously by our recruiters. The process begins with a series of pre-placement talks by recruiting companies, where students gain valuable insights pertaining to the nature of work, the work culture and company’s expectations. Recruiters then shortlist the interested candidates through resume scrutiny, aptitude test, and/or group discussions. The next step involves personal interviews of the selected candidates. The process can be conducted on campus or off-campus as per the convenience of the recruiting companies.

At each and every stage of the process, students are intimated via relevant medium about the proceedings. The Placement process is conducted wholly by the Executive Placement Committee having 15 industrious members, who with the help of the esteemed Director of SIMSREE, ensures that any and all processes are conducted smoothly without any transgressions.