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Sydenham Management Association (SMA)

The Sydenham Management Association (SMA) stands at the apex of the student committee structure at SIMSREE. SMA undertakes the important activity of coordination between the students and the management. The SMA includes the Joint Chairpersons, General Secretaries and the following Committees.

Miss Gunjan Phalak

Miss Gunjan Phalak

Mr. Abbas Vadiwala

Mr. Abbas Vadiwala

The chairpersons are at the helm of the SMA. They are responsible for all the activities conducted, managed or organised by the institute. They act as a liaising agent between faculty and students. The onus of the smooth functioning of the committees, timely completion of academia and also the overall goodwill of everyone at the institute lies with the Chairpersons. They are not only the representatives of the batch, but also the face of the institute.

Alumni Committee

The ability of SIMSREE in creating strong leaders is proven by the qualities of individuals that have studied from the institute. The Alumni Committee undertakes the task of maintaining a strong link between our esteemed Alumni and the institute via various programs such as Mentorship Programs, Coffee with Alumni Sessions and various Alumni Meets through which the  students get to interact with senior Alumni , who help to nurture and guide the students in the chosen field of interest. The Alumni Committee also organizes various Batch Meets and City Specific Chapter Meets throughout the year. Once every year, the Alumni Committee organizes an Annual Alumni Meet- Reminiscence, which is a mega reunion of all the batches of Alumni that have graduated from SIMSREE over the years.

The SIMSREE Alumni Committee is responsible for all engagements between the Alumni of the institute and the institute. Some key functions of the Committee are:

    Many Alumni of SIMSREE occupy important positions in industry and the Alumni are an important source of knowledge and opportunities for the students of the college. The Alumni Committee makes sure that this knowledge and opportunity is utilized for the growth and development of the college.
    The Alumni Committee keeps the Alumni informed about the various events and achievements of the college through various online channels like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, email and the Alumni website.
    With a huge Alumni base of around 3500 over the past 30 years, maintaining the Alumni database is a very important task. The Alumni Committee maintains, expands and continuously updates the database.
    One of the strengths of SIMSREE is its visiting faculty that gives it great industry exposure. The Alumni Committee taps relevant Alumni from the industry for conducting guest lectures, coffee with Alumni sessions and entrepreneurship connect at SIMSREE. The Committee also encourages the Alumni to contribute to various publications of the institute to update students about currents happenings in the industry.
    To engage the huge Alumni base, the Alumni Committee organizes various events like batch meets and chapter meets throughout the year. The annual Alumni meet, ‘Reminiscence’ is organized for the Alumni to celebrate being part of the SIMSREE family. The Alumni eagerly look forward to this event.
    The Alumni Committee also conducts the mentorship program wherein interested students from SIMSREE are given a mentor from the Alumni who can guide them about the industry they are about to enter. It gives the students a chance to clear any doubts or apprehensions regarding the field they are about to choose.
  • MAINTAINING THE ALUMNI WEBSITE (simsreealumni.org)
    The Alumni committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Alumni website of SIMSREE.
    SIMAA (Sydenham Institute of Management Alumni Association) is a section 25 non-profit organization for the growth and development of SIMSREE. Its directors are illustrious Alumni of SIMSREE. The Alumni Committee arranges SIMAA meetings in the college, co-ordinates and updates the SIMAA directors about college activities and gets approvals for using SIMAA funds for development of the college.
Corporate Relations Committee

Corporate Relations Committee (CRC) acts an interface between the SIMSREE academia and the corporate world. By facilitating the interaction between the students and industry leaders, CRC helps in broadening the horizon of the students while simultaneously keeping them abreast of the challenges and opportunities in the corporate world.

CRC conducts multiple corporate events, conclaves and corporate connects where the students of SIMSREE get a chance to interact with eminent personalities of the corporate world. The annual flagship event of CRC is SIMERGENCE, organized in association with Bombay Stock Exchange, where eminent personalities share their views and insights on recent trends and challenges in the corporate world.

Another annual event conducted by CRC is the HR Conclave where eminent HR leaders and corporates from around the country are invited for a panel discussion on relevant issues faced by the industry. These conclaves provide the students with an excellent platform for gathering insightful learnings and engaging with corporate leaders

Along with the conclaves, CRC also invites industry leaders for guest lectures at SIMSREE campus to share their learnings with the students which helps prepare them for the challenges of corporate life ahead.

CRC also organizes ‘Corporate Connects’all-round the academic year, wherein 10-12 students are selected for an interactive session with industry leaders. JLTI Mindz is another unique risk strategy competition organized by CRC, in partnership with JLT India.

Course Coordinators

Sydenham Institute of ManagementStudies Research and Entrepreneurship Education, popularly known as SIMSREE is a management institute of its kind. In its more than three decades of existence, the institute has empowered and enriched its students by allowing them to drive the college on their own. Such are the situations when we learn to lead and take responsibility of what we do. The Course Co-ordinators or CC’s as we are known, form the backbone of the institute’s daily operation. We are the face of the batch and are elected representatives of the institution to the world outside.

Key roles of a CC include on-boarding new faculties, scheduling academic lectures, co-ordinating between students and professors and maintainingthe existing infrastructure. We looks after the daily attendance of the entire batch and makes sure all the students maintain a proper attendance record. Not only this but also once the faculty is on campus, we ensure the batch is attentive and respectful towards the faculty and all the pre-requisites of the visiting faculties are taken care of.

We need to be efficient in time management, need to think on our feet, and need to have good communication skills. Not to forget that a CC has to be a tough taskmaster yet approachable and a diligent problem solver of his or her batch mates. So far, all the people on this position have done an amazing job and have done it with the good wishes of all our batch mates and the admin staff. Every year, the faces change, but the responsibilities and the contribution of a course co-ordinator remains the same.

It’s indeed a position of grit, value and collective responsibility and only a CC with a passion to serve his batch mates and a strong sense of affiliation towards the institute shall survive and emerge as a better leader for tomorrow.


The Entrepreneurship Cell of SIMSREE aims at inculcating and nurturing entrepreneurial values amongst our students through various competitions and workshops. We also conduct various interactive sessions with industry stalwarts from diverse domains which helps in inculcating the entrepreneurial spirit among potential go-getters at SIMSREE.

What we do?


Springboard is our flagship event that is held every year in the month of February to celebrate the ethos Entrepreneurship. The event consists of two main formats. The first format is a Panel Discussion where eminent speakers coming from different industries and domains discuss on a topic pertaining to the field of entrepreneurship and put forward their views on the same in front of an eager audience of 180 students who are hungry to learn from the exposure given by the panellists. The second format consists of a National Level Business-Plan competition ‘Avsar’ in which students from various Business Schools across India participate, compete and are given a chance to take the centre stage and present their winning idea.

Incubation Centre:

SIMSREE values the importance of Entrepreneurship and aims to educate the students in Entrepreneurship. This will not only help the students willing to start their own business but also will bring about a sense of responsibility and passion, shown by an entrepreneur, in their future daily work life. To take forward this goal, we are working on setting up a much needed Incubation Centre in our very own Campus. This is of much value as over the past couple of years and even in the current batch, more than 20% of the batch strength has shown inclination towards starting a venture and exploring entrepreneurship.

Guest Lectures and Entrepreneur Meets:

Industry Exposure and Stories of successful and even unsuccessful ventures is extremely important for the students to be inspired and also to be able to identify the sectors in the world where they could solve real problems. To achieve this, we aim to bring the Industry to the Students and we focus on inviting experienced Entrepreneurs from different domains.

Interest Group:

  • A community of students who can come together to share opinions, interact with classmates who
  • Involves activities like Book Reviews, Case Studies, Interviews with Entrepreneurs, Opportunity to attend Start Up Events, etc. and overall efforts to rid students of their stage fear and improve on
  • The interested students attended the Mumbai chapter Meet of CII and CAYE to be associated with YI which is a youth wing of Entrepreneurs with Global Presence.

With the full-fledged support from the institute and chairpersons, the committee is heading towards success. And success meter for us is the increasing number of SIMSREE students turning to entrepreneurs.


We here at the Events Committee bring colour and joy into SIMSREE.

From the flagship event – Simerations to the Gujarati Garba Night and the Annual House Cup – we bring it all to town! We strive to get the best possible events to campus, for our peers to enjoy!

The events we put up help students (and the faculty) to get their brains out of their textbooks and their dozy faces into the sun. Not to mention, this brings them back to their lectures with better and fresher minds.

The Simerations Fest is something all students at SIMSREE look forward to. It’s a 3 day extravaganza with so much fun being brought to the table! From the grandeur and classy feeling it thrives on, to the wonderful events put up in the fest itself – Simerations stands out for a new reason every year, whether it’s Sports, Management or Cultural events!

After this vicious display of strength, skill and stamina, the students gear up later in the year for the Garba Night. Wearing traditional outfits and their smiles, Garba Night has students showing off the Desi culture with friends, teachers and guests all through.

The House Cup would NOT be the same without us. The event brings guys and gals out to the tracks, putting on their sneakers and shorts after a tiring semester. And the cut throat competition to win various events makes everything oh so interesting!!

We here at the Events Committee don’t claim to bring all the fun to these parties, but you have to remember, that without us – there’d be no party.

Finance Forum

We, the SIMSREE Finance Forum, aim at bridging the gap between students and the corporate world through various competitions, publications and interactive sessions.

FISCUS is our annual finance summit intended to enlighten the students through the discussion amongst eminent personalities on various topics impacting the economy. The event is a panel discussion that takes place on different themes every year. The theme for Fiscus’15, that was held in October, 2015, was ‘India Rising – Taking the leap from reality to expectations’. The theme for Fiscus’14 was Rebooting India’s Economy – The Roadmap Ahead’.

Finance Forum also publishes the Market Roundup and Arthneeti and conducts Fin-O-Buzz

Arthneeti is our quarterly magazine which consists of corporate interviews of prominent industry experts, articles from distinguished personalities who are our alumni, articles from committee members and major happenings in the quarter. We also conduct a national level article writing competition, and the award winning essays from this competition are published as part of Arthneeti.

Market Roundup is a fortnightly magazine that covering a holistic view of core industries. This magazine has articles written by the Finance Forum committee members, which helps the students keep themselves updated about the current happenings in various sectors.

Fin-o-buzz is an intra-college competition to test the basic financial knowledge and acumen of students. It is conducted in three rounds; first round is a written quiz containing financial buzz words. The second round is a quiz that tests the students’ familiarity with latest happenings in the domain of finance, and knowledge of financial ratios. The final winners are chosen after the third round which is a research paper presentation round.

Fin-o-pedia is a weekly publication mainly aimed at helping the first semester students to get well versed with basic financial terms and concepts.

Infra Committee

Sydenham institute of Management is our home and hence we as Infra Committee strive to explore every possible opportunity of bringing the best in the way we function as a legacy institution. We form the pillars of support to every committee.

Our Mission:

We intend to involve and integrate all the activities at our campus. Our mission is to update the status of our institution, so that it can continue to evolve as one of the prime hubs of leadership development. We belief in creating world class atmosphere to suite the calibre of world class business leaders from academia and industry alike.

Our Vision:

Our Vision is to emerge as an entity that shares prime responsibility for the development, branding and functioning of our institute. We wish to deliver sustainable and accessible environment through continuous involvement, entrepreneurship and collaborative efforts from its members, without losing track of the core values of SMA.

The committee provides budding managers with the opportunity of enhancing their management skills.  It’s a perfect test of one’s decision making abilities where with limited resources and responsibilities, one has to ensure results.

Few responsibilities:

  • Central sponsorship Team
  • Food and Canteen team
  • Library and e-resource team
  • Personality and Skill development team
  • Auditorium Management team
Media and Marketing Committee

The Media and Marketing Committee of SIMSREE is the face of the institute and the single touch-point for all the outbound communication of SIMSREE. The primary role of the Media and Marketing Committee is to ensure building of brand “SIMSREE” through strategic media tie-ups.


  1. SIMSREE Website: The Media and Marketing Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the college website. This year it has also undertaken the task of revamping the website.
  2. SIMSREE Blog: The Media and Marketing Committee also handles the SIMPLY SIMSREE blog, which showcases the student life at SIMSREE.
  3. Rankings/Ratings: The Media and Marketing Committee also takes care of all the Ranking and Rating formalities that the institute participates in. Some of the rankings that SIMSREE has participated in are CRISIL, Business Standard, Business India, MBA Universe, Careers 360 etc.
  4. Media Support: The Media and Marketing Committee also provides external media support for the events organized by the college like SIM’ergence, Simerations, E-week, Sankalp etc.
  5. Print and Online Publicity: The Media and Marketing Committee takes care of publicity through magazines and print media such as Business Standard, Careers 360, Business World etc. The committee also handles publicity on various online forums such as Pagalguy, Dare2compete, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  6. Seminars/Workshops: The Media and Marketing Committee conducts an orientation seminar for all the SIMSREE aspirants once the CET results are declared. The committee also plays a part in the co-ordination of Seminars, Workshops, Admission Process, and Induction Programme along with SMA teams.
  7. MAGMA: The Media and Marketing Committee publishes a monthly newsletter- MAGMA – which includes all the latest marketing news, important events and introduces emerging marketing concepts while also explaining the tried and tested ones.
  8. New Initiatives: Apart from successfully carrying out the existing activities, the Media and Marketing Committee has also undertaken a few new initiatives this year. These include conducting pre-CET workshop, providing GD-PI support and guidance through online forums. It has revamped the SIMPLY SIMSREE blog and is working on revamping the institute website.
Sydenham Management Review

Sydenham Management Review, usually referred to as SMR, acts as the gateway to SIMSREE’s academic and literary pursuits. SMR’s primary responsibilities include generating interest and enabling students to pursue primary or secondary research.

SMR has always strived hard to stay true to its objective. Following are some key events organised and conducted by SMR:

  1. The Asia Pacific International Conference(APIC)

SMR in collaboration with our faculty at SIMSREE has been organizing the Asia pacific international Conference for 3 years now. The Mission of the conference series is to act as a vehicle to build a global movement dedicated to capturing, spreading and nurturing good practices in business Conference. Stalwarts from the industry as well as PhD scholars presented their research at APIC. There were a number of entries from students from different universities across India and a separate student-track was also conducted.

  1. Literathon

The SMR committee’s flagship event, Literathon is meant to be a literary extravaganza and is conducted in the form of two competitions. One being Acumen, a research paper presentation competition and the other being Bibliophilia, a book review competition. Many dignitaries have graced the event and provided their expert guidance in the role of judges

  1. The SMR Journal

The committee compiles research work from the student fraternity from multiple management institutes and publishes a journal of compiled, refined and moderated research work from the student fraternity. This journal not only gives young, aspiring researchers a platform to display their research work and get it appreciated, but it also serves as an excellent collection of intellectual arguments.

  1. Book donation drive in memory of Dr. Kalam

For the first time last year, the SMR committee in collaboration with the social responsibility wing of SIMSREE undertook a book donation drive for the under privileged children of a shelter home on the birth anniversary of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam on the 15th October. An initiative that not only appeases the heart, but ignites the fire of academics and literature amongst the not so fortunate.

  1. Bolstering Research

The SMR committee arranged a session on  “How to conduct basic research” by Dr. Anita Patil – Deshmukh, a physician by profession whose research interests include exploring the relationship between poverty, social equity and health and Dr. AlokeThakore, journalist, researcher and teacher on 22nd September, 2015. The SMR committee continues to push forward for more such sessions in its objective to get its student fraternity involved in original research work.

Student Social Responsibility

The aim of Social Responsibility is not charity – It is Upliftment

In a world where profits are the aim of most of us, it is important that as a society we also contribute in the overall development of all the sections. With this view in mind, the Student Social Responsibility Committee of SIMSREE makes efforts to ensure that the students and the community come together to do their bit in making a better society. Many activities are undertaken to ensure we support the less privileged sections of our society, contribute in environmental sustainability, increase awareness and provide solutions to various social issues.

The committee has been associated with various NGOs contributing towards social, cultural and ecological causes.

Student Social Responsibility (SSR) committee is the part of Sydenham Management Association (SMA). The activities of SSR are spread across various areas of social work.

Some of the activities performed by the Committee for the current year include –

  1. Aakaar – Ngo Mentoring Meet
  • On the 10th September 2015, SIMSREE collaborated with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), eBay, NIFT to mentor NGOs in Mumbai and nearby regions
  • The meet was organized at SIMSREE with the participation of 14 NGOs and more than 50 students
  • The aim of the event was to support SHG run by women making products like Handicrafts, Torans, Kurtis, and ImitationJewellery etc. and provide them product development ideas along with ideas for better marketing and financial planning which can enable them to scale up their business
  • On the completion of the product development phase, exhibitions were held across companies where NGOs displayed their products and generated sales
  1. Lakshya

Lakshya is an initiative started in June 2015 with the vision to support the ‘Education for All’ initiative. Under this initiative, kids of ‘SPARC’ night shelter are taught by SIMSREE Students. The kids have different levels of education and are in the age group of 8 to 12 years.To further expedite the teaching process, inclusion of ‘fun with learning activities’ is planned. A Book Donation drive was also conducted on ‘The Reading Inspiration Day’ – 84th birth anniversary of Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. SIMSREE faculties and students donated books to kids and encouraged them to read.

  1. Blood Donation Camp

Student Social Responsibility Committee in collaboration with Tata Memorial Hospital, Lions Club, and Juhu successfully organized blood donation drive on 1st September, 2015. A total of 80 students and staff members participated in the event. Donor cards and detailed reports were made available to the donors check-ups were also conducted.


ENACTUS is an international non-profit organization having the perspective to see an opportunity and the talent to create value and willingness to do something even when the outcome is not guaranteed. Participating teams applied business concepts to develop outreach projects that improve the quality of life for people in need.

SIMSREE Consulting Club

The SIMCON consulting club is an initiative started in 2012 for those students in pursuit of excellence in management consulting and strategic management. Aimed at creating awareness among the students about consultancy as a discipline, the club strives to maintain strong relations with top consultancy firms and provide platform to craft highly skilled & competent consultants from SIMSREE. The club is a resource for information about consulting and a for place students to obtain real-world consulting experience.

SIMCON provides an avenue of interaction among faculty, students and alumni through competitions, live projects, guest lectures, and conclaves. For this purpose the club had also publishing its monthly newsletter – BEACON (BE-A-CONSULTANT)

Our Vision:

  1. To create awareness amongst the students about consulting industry & its latest trends
  2. To maintain strong relations with top consultancy firms

Our Mission:

  1. To provide platform to craft highly skilled & competent consultants from SIMSREE
  2. To provide exposure to students via competitions, live projects, guest lectures & conclaves

To fulfil its Vision and Mission the club organizes various events

  1. Annual conclaves, namely ‘Confluence’ and ‘Strategus’ to discuss the current issues plaguing the nation from the viewpoint of a consultant.
  2. Arrange National level case study competition ‘Convergence’ judged by dignitaries from the industry
  3. Arrange guest lectures of people from consultancy industry
  4. SIMCON publishes monthly newsletter BEACON consisting of Industry Analysis, Brand Analysis and a solved case study