The Top 5%

It’s time to change the way we think!!

When the whole world understands the difference between business and jobs and the difference between their benefits and loses, only the top 5%, who actually takes the risk, succeed.

The actual difference between jobs and business was explained by a tea maker. In a conversation between a VP of a reputed company and a tea maker, the VP, wearing a suit asked the man how much do you earn and what are you setting for your son? The young man politely replied,”Sir I am doing this for my son, when he becomes of my age he won’t have to start it over again as your son will have to”.

Why do only 5% people succeed doing business?

Business is all about understanding, making complex things simple. According to Silicon Valley,” if you can explain your idea in mere one page than it’s a good idea, but if you take 50-100 pages to explain the idea and then it’s not for you. Business is less of a science and more of an art. Almost everybody thinks that he/she will start a business and it’s their burning desire. But based upon thousands of surveys and their research, 90% of the people will definitely fail. Everybody thinks that they will be successful, will be able to swim, but the bitter truth is they will sink or drown in water. The reason for this is very simple; because 50% these people will only think that they want to start a business and will never start till they die because of fear of security. The rest 50% fail because they won’t try to learn what business is and will directly jump and find themselves into hot water. It’s like playing chess, where we don’t know how a rook moves and a bishop moves, directly plays a competition with a grand master and still thinks to win. They only keep saying that their business idea was good and they tried hard for it to succeed.

The other 5 % fail because they cannot hold on to their business for a long time. “If you hold your business for 1000 days, it will definitely succeed, studies said”.

The rest 5% succeed in their business. Learn to observe things followed by understanding the observations. Observe people minutely who succeeded and who failed before starting your own business. Observe the thoughts of these successful people. Observe how they see the world differently which makes them successful. Learn what you can apply from those learning’s and finally apply. Apply hard work and full devotion to the work you do.

You will definitely succeed.

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