Student Social Responsibility

Let our Gods be different, but Humanity still the same
Let our Religions be different, but Faith still the same
Let our Thoughts be different, but Love still the same
Let our Work be different, but responsibility still the same

We the Student Social Responsibility committee of SIMSREE have a vision, a vision to bring a positive social change.
The aim of Social Responsibility is not Charity – It is Upliftment
The Student Social Responsibility Committee of SIMSREE is an initiative to engage the students, community and others in continuous efforts towards doing their part in social upliftment. It aims to ensure that students while pursuing their MBA are also aware of social issues and are conscious towards their duty in creating a better society.

It ensures that students of SIMSREE shine as responsible citizens, the way they shine as sincere students. The Student Social Responsibility Committee of SIMSREE takes efforts to ensure that the students and the community come together to do their part in making a better society.
Some of the activities which we carry out are:-
 Literacy campaign
 NGO Mentoring
 Environmental Sustainability
 Addressing Social Issues
The SSRC is associated with various NGO’s in order to carry out these activities.
Being part of the society, it is our duty to be socially aware and responsible. Society is what makes us an

We believe in shaping our society and leading it towards betterment.
We believe in a better tomorrow!
With the Student Social Responsibility Committee of SIMSREE;
Let us make this year about Love, Empathy and Social Perceptiveness.

(This article has been written by Aishwarya Sathe, a first year management student at SIMSREE)

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