A Session on Value Investing

The students of SIMSREE had the opportunity of interacting with Mr. Rajeev Thakkar, CIO and Director, PPFAS (Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd.) Mutual Funds, in a Corporate Connect session, organised by the Corporate Relations Committee, at his office on 5th October, 2018. The session, which was fairly interactive and beneficial to the students, delved mainly in the subject of value investing, while shedding some light on several factors to look out for while making investments, while simultaneously explaining the work done at PPFAS, which revolved primarily around value investing.

What is value investing? It is an investment strategy which involves the selection of certain stocks, that trade for values that are less than their intrinsic values. The reason for choosing such stocks is the belief that they have been undervalued by the market.

A few of the factors that Mr. Rajeev revealed, to look out for, while investing in a company were:

  • Leadership competence
  • Management efficiency
  • Debt-equity ratio
  • Leveraging multiple
  • Intrinsic value

Among the aforementioned factors, special focus was given on the management of the firm, and its intrinsic value. Mr. Rajeev ascertained that the stock market was a function heavily reliant on the market sentiment and advised to look beyond the myths or obstacles that usually cloud an investor’s judgement. For this reason, calculation of the intrinsic value plays an instrumental part while carrying out any value investment. The aspect of management efficiency was also drawn, which primarily involved determining the nature of the management, through their relationships with investors and customers.

Mr. Rajeev gave his insights on the current investment scenario in our country, and what could be done differently for us to boost ourselves globally. He also narrated a few of his personal learnings from the late Parag Parikh, Founder, PPFAS, while encouraging the students to actively participate in investing, based on their own research and intuition.

Team CRC