Interaction with Alumni

On 5th January 2019, The Alumni Committee of SIMSREE held an event called “Interaction with Alumni (IWA)” for the very first time. The session involved a panel discussion conducted by the alums of the college which was then followed by a Q&A session. The eminent guests for the event were the alumni of the Batch of 2002.  

  • Mr. Nimesh Mehta acted as the moderator for the discussion. Sir is Director & Head-Sales Products and Customer Service at ASK Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

The panel involved-

The session was intended towards solving the queries of the students and guiding them regarding MBA and future aspects. It started with the panelists addressing the students’ doubts about choosing their specialization. They shared with the students their own journey. They spoke about the importance of analyzing oneself. It’s your skill sets and what you can do and what you can’t, that should help determine your specialization. While it could be known for some, one could also go through the process of elimination while choosing a specialization.

They further dived into what goes into choosing a role within a specialization and spoke about how your previous educational background could align with your future goals. For example, being in IT consultancy with an engineering background could give you an edge in your career. Regarding marketing and sales as a specialization, they stressed upon the importance of on-field work. The exposure and learning a student could get through on-field work is tremendous.  The panel further guided the students about the certifications they can do in order to upgrade their skills and stay competitive in the corporate world. They suggested students to participate in various events, case study competitions and take courses like Wealth Management course by CIEL, NISM courses etc. They also stressed upon the importance of reading in order to broaden your knowledge base.

The topic they later talked about was Entrepreneurship. Every business starts as an idea. Being an entrepreneur takes an incredible amount of work and dedication. The timing for launching that idea also plays an important role. It should not be done before or after the time. The timing should be accurate. They explained this concept through the example of Airbnb; how Airbnb was launched right after the 2008 crisis when numerous people lost their jobs, renting a part of their house helped them earn a living.

Towards the end of the session, the platform was open for further questions from the students which the guests addressed to diligently. There is no success formula, one should have an open mindset, keep on learning from your mistakes and strive harder to achieve better in life.

The Alumni Committee would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to the alumni of 2002 for taking out time from their busy schedule, sharing their knowledge and insights, and addressing the students’ doubts and queries regarding the MBA journey.

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