‘Identify, Eliminate and Progress’ by Mr. Saifuddin Kapasi

On the eve of 13th February, Mr. Kapasi, an alumnus of the 1985 batch, visited his alma mater to interact with the students of the current batch. Sir is currently the Head of Credit & Collections at Vodafone India Ltd. Sir has also worked at Mafatlal Finance Co. Ltd, and Standard Chartered Finance Ltd as the Regional Manager.

Sir explained the importance of change with a short story of a football player and a child. He emphasized on the line, ‘If you keep doing what you have been doing, then you will keep getting the results that you have been getting’. Sir imprinted the concept of change and its value on the minds of the students. Extrapolating this concept, Sir then connected the students to the importance of Transformation. Sir stated that “Without transformation, you will perish”. He then gave an example of Mr. Masai who introduced the word GEMBA, meaning, ‘Continuous improvement driven at the right place.’ By narrating the story of Mr. Masai at the Taj workshop, Sir made us realize that it is MUDA, which means Waste, that we need to Identify, then Eliminate, and finally Progress. Sir explained that MUDA is any activity that does not add value and that reducing or eliminating MUDA is one of the fundamental activities of any quality management process.

With a small activity engaging all the students, Sir helped the students to identify MUDA and thus find solutions to the same. Sir also enlightened the students with two more concepts: MURA which means Imbalance and MURIwhich means Overload. Sir then took the students through the different types of MUDA which involved waste of Time, Work, Human Resources, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Legacy, and Quality. Lastly, Sir stressed on the importance of being Process Oriented to be in a winning situation.

The students found the session to be very informative and interactive, as Sir taught the students what the textbooks don’t teach. The Alumni Committee would like thank Mr.Saifuddin Kapasi, for taking time off his busy schedule and sharing his valuable insights with the batch.