Heart vs Brain

The conflict between my heart and my brain….
The most satiated person on this planet is the one who has both her/his heart and brain functioning in sync and in complete harmony with each other. It becomes extremely difficult to live when your mind doesn’t comply with your heart.
My brain has been hardwired to make me live like everyone else; my heart, on the other hand, realizes that I am a different person.
My brain wants to follow the culture that has been set; my heart understands that the ones who set the culture were nothing more than what I am.
My heart wants to experience every emotion before it stops beating; my brain, however, wants to play it safe.
My heart makes me feel like a human, my brain…like a machine.
Irrespective of all this, it is my brain because of which I am surviving in this society of people with similar thoughts. Most of the decisions in my life were taken by my mind, rather disappointing my heart.
But today, I listened to my heart. Although, my brain tried its best to stop me from writing on this topic and not letting anyone know about the fight between the two, I am extremely glad that my heart won!
 On the occasion of World Mental Health Day, I would like to add that all of us at some point of time must have been through this conflict but it’s better to speak up and let everyone know the state of your mind because…. It’s okay to not be okay!!!

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