Feminism is the belief in the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes, a concept which implies that men and women are equal and should be treated in an equal way. We at Student Social Responsibility believe in feminism but the concept has been misconstrued in so many different ways.

Most people are under the consideration that this implies, women domination over men but that is completely untrue. It implies that the women who are deprived of their rights or the status they deserve in the community. In medieval times women were prevented from conducting business without male representative. Women had little access to education and were barred from pursuing professions. In today’s scenario women have proved that they can handle any profession they are given, be it social, political or technical.

Women everywhere, must have equal rights and opportunity, and be able to live free of violence and discrimination. Women’s equality and empowerment is one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), but also integral to all dimensions of inclusive and sustainable development.

India is very fortunate to have numerous great women from Mrs, Vijaylaksmit Pandit- the first Indian woman President of UN General Assembly, Sarojini Naidu- Indian independence activist and poet, also known as the ‘Nightingale of India’, Indira Gandhi – the second woman Prime Minister in the world to Pratibha Patil, the first woman President of India and many more whose contribution have proved to be more than a match. A woman is an epitome of love, sacrifice, care and ability to nurture life. They from an absolutely indispensable part of the society.

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