Recent Bills Part-2

Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill

Background:  Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) Bill was established by the Government of India on 23rd August 2003 to promote old age income security by establishing, developing and regulating pension funds. Pension bill was introduced into the parliament in 2005 for the first time. After nearly a decade, both houses of parliament i.e. Loksabha (4th September) and Rajyasabha (6th September) have finally passed the pension bill which aims to create a regulator for pension sector and extend the coverage of pension benefit to more people.

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Recent Bills- Part 1

Companies Bill 2012

The Companies Bill was laid before the Parliament in the month of December 2011 and was referred to the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance, headed by Mr. Yeshwant Sinha. The standing Committee submitted its report in June, 2012. Based on Standing Committee recommendations, the Companies Bill was amended and was introduced as Companies Bill 2012. The Bill was passed in Lok Sabha on 18 December 2012 and by Rajya Sabha on 8 August 2013.

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