Bangalore Chapter meet

It was a pleasant Saturday evening in the ‘garden city’ Bangalore on 19th January, 2019. Many Sydenhamites were gathered once again this year. Some faces were familiar and some were new but there were smiles all around. It was of course the get together of the Bangalore chapter of SIMSREE.

The Alumni committee of SIMSREE was pleased to organise this wonderful meet for the alumni of SIMSREE who are making the college proud in Bangalore. The team flew from Mumbai early morning on Saturday to make the arrangements. The venue was a wonderful restaurant named Flechazo in Marathahalli, Bangalore. The event was scheduled in the evening. Our team was really excited and pumped up to make the Bangalore chapter a memorable one. A private deck was reserved specially for the people coming to the chapter meet. The alumni started to come in and were greeted by the team. There were hi and hellos echoing around the place as people were meeting each other after almost a year. One of the prominent presence in the room was of Mr. Hiren Badhiye, Employee Resources Manager of APAC region of Northern Trust. He not only shared his SIMSREE experience with us but also made the conversations more cheerful with his sense of humour. His batchmate, Mr. Brahmankar Udaram, VP (Corporate Business Excellence) of Hinduja Global Solutions, also joined the fun and reminisced about the old memories. Mr. Ramlal Mitra of 2002 batch also graced the event with his presence. Many more alumni from more recent batches also gathered and enjoyed meeting each other. The team had a wonderful time talking to everyone and had some great inputs from them as well.

The food was delicious as always and everybody seemed to enjoy it. Stories were being told, old memories were being shared and numbers were being exchanged. People were catching up with each other and everyone was enjoying the evening. Photos and selfies were being taken to keep these moments with them forever. It was a pleasure for the team as well to meet these people, have conversation with them, know their experiences, understand their perspectives and have a bit of fun, too. The alumni were also interested to know what is going on in the college and were eager to come to college and contribute to its growth in their own ways. It was really great to see their love and continued support for the institution. After few hours of conversations, chit chats, gossips and fun, everyone was presented with a little token of appreciation from the team on behalf of the Alumni Committee. A nice group photo was also taken to mark the end of the occasion. Everyone was delighted to meet each other after a long time. Promises were also made to keep in touch with each other and come again for the next chapter meet. The alumni were happy with the kind of organizing the team had done for the event and we as a team were also grateful for their presence. Team learned a lot from the alums and was delighted that this chapter meet was a huge success.

Interaction with Alumni

On 5th January 2019, The Alumni Committee of SIMSREE held an event called “Interaction with Alumni (IWA)” for the very first time. The session involved a panel discussion conducted by the alums of the college which was then followed by a Q&A session. The eminent guests for the event were the alumni of the Batch of 2002.  

  • Mr. Nimesh Mehta acted as the moderator for the discussion. Sir is Director & Head-Sales Products and Customer Service at ASK Investment Managers Pvt. Ltd.

The panel involved-

The session was intended towards solving the queries of the students and guiding them regarding MBA and future aspects. It started with the panelists addressing the students’ doubts about choosing their specialization. They shared with the students their own journey. They spoke about the importance of analyzing oneself. It’s your skill sets and what you can do and what you can’t, that should help determine your specialization. While it could be known for some, one could also go through the process of elimination while choosing a specialization.

They further dived into what goes into choosing a role within a specialization and spoke about how your previous educational background could align with your future goals. For example, being in IT consultancy with an engineering background could give you an edge in your career. Regarding marketing and sales as a specialization, they stressed upon the importance of on-field work. The exposure and learning a student could get through on-field work is tremendous.  The panel further guided the students about the certifications they can do in order to upgrade their skills and stay competitive in the corporate world. They suggested students to participate in various events, case study competitions and take courses like Wealth Management course by CIEL, NISM courses etc. They also stressed upon the importance of reading in order to broaden your knowledge base.

The topic they later talked about was Entrepreneurship. Every business starts as an idea. Being an entrepreneur takes an incredible amount of work and dedication. The timing for launching that idea also plays an important role. It should not be done before or after the time. The timing should be accurate. They explained this concept through the example of Airbnb; how Airbnb was launched right after the 2008 crisis when numerous people lost their jobs, renting a part of their house helped them earn a living.

Towards the end of the session, the platform was open for further questions from the students which the guests addressed to diligently. There is no success formula, one should have an open mindset, keep on learning from your mistakes and strive harder to achieve better in life.

The Alumni Committee would like to extend a heartfelt gratitude to the alumni of 2002 for taking out time from their busy schedule, sharing their knowledge and insights, and addressing the students’ doubts and queries regarding the MBA journey.

Guest Lecture by Mr. Nimesh Mehta

Professors aren’t the only ones who shape minds in the classroom. Guest lecturers also play an important role in delivering knowledge and inspiration.

On  December 11, Mr. Nimesh Mehta, an alumnus of 2002 batch and author of Amazon international bestseller “Sales Booster” visited his alma mater after getting invited to give a guest lecture.

The guest lecture, organized by the Alumni Committee gave students unique insights about selling, goal setting and investment.

Mr. Mehta, Director & Head of sales & products at ASK Investment Managers Ltd. has more than 18 years of work experience in Sales and distribution, products, strategy and customer services. Rightly so, his lecture revolved around the selling skills and the ways to acquire them. He also elaborated on India’s golden decade. He stated that India is at a vantage point of a golden decade ahead of enormous value creation in Indian equity markets. Many major economic structural changes and reforms have occurred over last few years like Demonetization, GST which would help in cleansing individual behaviour and would eventually mend societal and business behaviour. He went on saying that on digitization front; ubiquitous cell phones, easy access to internet represents a powerful opportunity for India to digitally leapfrog. “Compounding is the eighth wonder of the world” he said, adding that now is the high time for students to start investing in equities.

Further down the lecture, he told the importance of goal setting & how it can bring fantastic results. Understanding the importance of goal setting and knowing how to set goals for yourself is crucial to accomplishing great things in your life, he added. To make the lecture more interesting, he made students do a little exercise wherein they had to write their desires on a piece of paper & think on ways to achieve them. “There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic timelines”, he added.

It was an inspiring lecture that was highly appreciated by the students, motivating them to strive for their future career.

Alma Mater goes Arabian: Reminiscence’18

An evening with your second family,
An evening with your batch mates, mentors and friends,
An evening filled with fun, laughter and memories..

The Alumni Committee of SIMSREE organised the Annual Alumni Meet- “Reminiscence 2018”, on the 29th of September and all the visiting alumni made sure that the event was a huge success. What took months of planning and diligent execution was finally ready to welcome the alumni. Remi, as it is fondly called, always rekindles the love of alumni for Sydenham and it did the same this time too. Old bonds were renewed as the alumni recollected and also made new memories.

The evening was inaugurated with an addressal by Dr. M. B. Bhide – Director, SIMSREE. Many alumni from different batches currently serving varied esteemed global organisations were present in the meet. Many just crossed hundreds of kilometers to meet the alma mater!

‌The theme for Reminiscence this year was ‘Arabian Nights’. The Alumni Committee along with volunteers had decorated the institute with posters, flexes, 2D & 3D pseudo architecture symbolizing the theme of the day. One of the room had photo booth arrangements where a throne was built inside an Arabian shamiana alluring everyone to take a photo with it. The standees, character cutouts and illumination gave college the Arabian flavor!

The Activity room was the cynosure of all eyes at the event as many alumni from the recent batches wanted to try their hand at the golf track and blind folded car driving. On the other hand the Karaoke room was bustling with older alumni who were busy singing their favourite 90s songs with their fellow batchmates.

The alumni were pleased by the efforts the committee took in organising the event and applauded for the same.

We, the Alumni Committee of SIMSREE, would like to express our sincere gratitude to our ‘Alumni family’ for taking out time from their busy schedule to grace this flagship event with their presence and making it a huge success.

Cheers to this one and more to come!!

(This article has been written by Aditya Patil, a first year management student at SIMSREE)

Guest lecture – Mr. Pawan Shetty, Director, Porsche India

It was 31 st of July, only a second day of the induction program for the new batch. I remember, despite having a long day full of lectures and activities ahead of them, the students were very excited. After all the Director of Porsche was coming to the college to address them. The lecture was arranged by the Alumni Committee of SIMSREE. As much as everybody was fascinated by Porsche , they were even more excited for the man himself, Mr. Pawan Shetty. He is the alumnus from the batch 2002-04. They were extremely eager to hear what he had to say and to listen to his experiences at his alma mater SIMSREE.

Mr. Pawan Shetty addressed the batch in such a wonderful manner that students felt they were listening to someone who is one of them, with youthful energy and enthusiasm. Mr. Shetty shared his experiences of his time at Sydenham as a student. He spoke about why SIMSREE is better than the other top tier B-schools in India. “Sydenham offers you the freedom to do things, which you don’t have in other top B-schools like IIMs. We have a far better ‘adaptability', something you require day to day in your business.”, he said. That is why Sydenhamites perform better in business world and end up in top management positions. Sharing his experiences as a student in SIMSREE, he said that he was just like the students in front of him, nervous but excited. But he worked very hard for those two years to develop himself, participated in lots of competitions, exposed himself to lots of challenges. He advised the batch to do the same and to learn as much as they can in these two years.

Then, Mr. Shetty told how his professional life started. After his internship at Castrol while doing MBA, he was placed in Tata Motors for his executive placements. The division he worked there was of the commercial vehicles. “I was sent to Kochin”, he said, “Nobody talked Hindi there and very few knew English. So to connect with my customers better, I had to learn their language, Malayalam. I learned it in a month.” This shows the adaptability he previously mentioned and how he practiced what he preached. He told students not to run behind the packages at the start of their careers, but to choose a company where they can learn the nitty gritty of the business to ace their trade. After a few years at Tata Motors he decided to move on. He worked at Ford for a while but was not interested to go abroad to work. He then was offered a job at the Audi, but he didn’t like the offer so didn’t take it. But the people at Audi were very much impressed and then they offered him an exciting job at Lamborghini. At that time, Lamborghini had just entered the Indian market and was looking for people who could lay foundation to their business in India. Mr. Shetty was 1 st hire of Lamborghini in India! Mr. Shetty was proud to say the business in India was profitable from year 1. Now Lamborghini has many showrooms in cities like Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore, etc. The students were curious about how he switched from heavy commercial vehicles to luxury cars. “Selling a luxury car is not much different than selling a commercial vehicle.” he said, much to everybody’s amusement, “ You have to focus on individual customer and his dream. A truck driver may be different than an affluent Lamborghini customer, but they both have the dream to own the vehicle. I appealed to dreams of both of them.” How often do you get to hear these insights of the real world business! The students were awestruck. He also said, “The real business lies where the customer is, and you have to reach out to your customers.” He mentioned that more you talk to your customer more you are able to fill the gap between him and your product.

After a successful stint at Lamborghini, Mr. Shetty was given responsibility to handle the business of Porsche, where sir is the Director today. “Porsche has different business than Lamborghini, it has a wider audience and product range, and again I adapted to this new challenge.” Mr. Shetty said. He spoke about the history of Porsche, how it was started. He provided many insights about how the marketing is done for Porsche, how the company leverages the BTL techniques and the digital media marketing. “Porsche cars defy physics as well as economics! But when a customer has an experience of driving a Porsche, you know he cannot resist. It’s not just a car, It's a dream!” The Porsche today has a profitability of 17.3%, more than any other luxury car brand in the world. Mr. Shetty is now spearheading the company’s success in India.

The students were curious about many things and they kept interacting with Shetty sir. When he was asked what does one need to be successful, he said, “Be real! It’ that simple. Be who you are and have intense engagement with whatever you want to do.” He underlined the importance of having entrepreneurial outlook in your work. He emphasized upon the adaptability in your manner of work. He also told that marketing lies in observing people and figuring out what they want.

The batch was showered with these and many more valuable insights. Last but not the least, he said not to forget to have a fun! Develop a passion or a hobby and work on it, enjoy it apart from your business. “I would not be here if it was not for Sydenham.” he added expressing his gratitude towards his alma mater,” Sydenham changed me completely and I urge you to learn as much as you can from it.” The students were delighted, amazed and inspired when he said,” Sydenhamites are dynamites!” Mr. Shetty answered all of students’ queries with utmost promptness. He engaged students, showered them with knowledge, enriched them with deep insights and inspired them to follow the path of success!

We, the Alumni Committee of SIMSREE, on the behalf of all the students want to express our gratitude to Mr. Pawan Shetty for taking time from his busy schedule and coming to the college to address the new batch of 2018-20! Thank you Sir!

(This article has been written by Avadhut Mainkar, a first year management student at SIMSREE)

Participatory Notes: A Convenience or a Threat

Participatory Notes: A Convenience or a Threat

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The US Federal Reserve has decided in its latest monetary policy to maintain its economic stimulus program (the Quantitative Easing) despite speculation that it would start the tapering process. It had been widely speculated that the central bank would cut back the stimulus package, currently $85bn a month. The Reserve also reduced its growth forecasts for the US economy, cutting the 2013 outlook by 0.3 percentage points to a range of 2.0-2.3 per cent, and lowering the prediction for next year to 2.9-3.1 per cent.

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